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Georgia College’s TV Celeb: Deianna Hamilton

Handling school is one thing. Balancing school and being a news anchor? Completely different. I got a chance to talk to one of GC’s own, Dieanna Hamilton, about her television debut as well as what she likes to do when not in the studio.

Emily Ward: Dieanna, thank you so much for meeting up and answering a few interesting questions! Tell me a little about yourself. What are some of your favorite things?
Dieanna Hamilton: I am a Pinterest, dark chocolate, candle sniffing addict who just loves watching YouTube videos and HGTV.
EW: Where are you from? 
DH: Kennesaw, GA.
EW: What year are you?
DH: SENIOR BABY!! She proclaims yet secretly depressed about that fact, adding on the hashtag #forcedtogrowup
EW: What is your major?
DH: Mass Communication
EW: What got you involved in GC360? 
DH:After switching to Mass Communication, I knew I wanted to do something involved with television, and learn the skills set of being a great interviewer, so GC360 it was. 
EW:What was your favorite part of being an anchor?
DH: Definitely my co-anchor, we understood it was a nerve racking experience, but we just helped each other get better [with] each show.
EW: Will you tryout again for the job?
DH: Absolutely! It’s an awesome experience! I’d recommend anyone to try out to be a GC360 anchor. 
I really appreciated Dieanna’s time to hangout and chat about her life and some fun information focused on her broadcasting career. 

Be on the look out for GC360’s Dieanna Hamilton bringing you all the news related to Milledgeville! 

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