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GCSU Bucket List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCSU chapter.

Are you bored? Feel like you’ve done all there is to do at GCSU? Have you been to Cookout five times in the last couple days? Worry not, for I have some suggestions for you! I call this my “End of the Semester Bucket List.” Some think a bucket list is for the old and senile, but it’s not. Or, it doesn’t have to be. A bucket list can simply be a list of things you’d like to accomplish before a certain period of time. The semester is ending, and before you know it, you’ll either be back home with your parents, or working hard at a new job/internship. So, before those things, why not spend the last month at GCSU doing something different? Below is a list of things I recommend you check out before summer. And if you’ve already done these things, make a bucket list of your own.



Bartram Forest

Everyone should visit Bartram Forest at least once before graduating. I’ve unfortunately never been, but have friends who say it’s just beautiful. It’s off Highway 441, and if you Google it, directions will pop up. This forest is full of trails and plenty of wildlife. It would be a great place to have a picnic, or perhaps camp. Though, if you choose to camp, make sure doing so is legal, first and foremost. 

Central State Hospital

Milly wouldn’t be Milly without Central State. It more or less defines our city, at least back in the day. If you tell people you go to GCSU, they confuse it with Georgia State. And if you try and correct someone by saying it’s in Milledgeville, more often than not someone will ask, “Isn’t that where the big asylum is?” It is. However, it is currently abandoned, and thus, no one is allowed inside. But, exploring around Central State is always fun, for there are some great spots to chill and relax, and informative signs scattered about.

Follow the Railroad Tracks Near the Dorms

I’m not certain on the name of these tracks, I just know that they are to the right of Foundation and the old Wellness Center, now called the Depot. These tracks, to my knowledge, are abandoned. Or, at least a part of them is, making them okay to travel along. (However, if a train does come down the tracks, there’s usually grassy areas to your right and left you can step onto while the train passes.) The tracks themselves are cool, but where they lead is even better. Follow the tracks till you reach a bridge, and instead of walking over it, walk under it. There, you will see some beautiful graffiti. You heard me right: beautiful graffiti. It’s definitely something you want to see.

Go to Trivia

There are three places in Milly that offer trivia: Buffington’s, Pickle Barrel, and Amici’s. The two most popular are Buffington’s and Pickle Barrel, and they are a lot of fun. Buff’s has trivia every Wednesday at 8:30pm, which usually ends around 10pm. Pickle Barrel’s trivia starts at 8pm every Thursday, and the end time can vary, depending on how many people are playing that day. I’ve been to both Buff’s and Pickle Barrel’s trivia, and can’t say if one is better than the other since they’re both unique. I recommend going some night, not only because is trivia fun, but because both restaurants make some great food (and each offers fried pickles).


The wonderful birthplace of Flannery O’Connor is Andalusia Farm. Andalusia is located on highway 441 as well, and isn’t too far from campus. Drive by Wal-Mart and you’re headed in the right direction. Flannery is GCSU’s literary treasure, so if you ever have an interest in our history or her works, visit. Even if you don’t, it’s still a nice place to see, for you can take a tour of her house, and can try and coax a peacock to let you pet him. Google Andalusia Farm for more details.

Buffington’s Karaoke Night

You haven’t seen Buff’s if you haven’t seen Buff’s on a Tuesday night. Tuesdays are karaoke nights, and while I’m never sure when karaoke starts, if you show up after 10:30pm, you’ll walk in to people singing. Buffington’s is the only place in Milly that offers karaoke. If you want to sing, just tell the host and he’ll sign you up. If you rather watch people sing, that’s fine too. It’s definitely something you’ll want to experience at least once.

Go to Plays and Poetry Slams

Our school is full of entertainment opportunities, you just have to know where to look. These events are promoted usually via Facebook or through fliers hung around A&S. Look closely, so as to not miss a gem. Just recently, our school put on a rendition of Willy Wonka. They also did a play called The Sum of Me that I had the fortune of seeing. Not only do we have many plays, but we have Poetry Slams as well. They happen at random, which makes them hard to attend, but be on the lookout. The Slams are usually held in the basement of Blackbird, and are a joy to witness. You have to see at least one before graduating. You won’t look at poetry the same away again.


The Oconee River Greenway is a beautiful park where one can walk around, jog, swim, fish, and more. If front campus is ever crowded and you have time to kill, go to the Greenway. Bring a blanket and lay around. Or bring a bike to cycle on the trail. The Greenway is within walking distance, but it’s rather far. It’s doable. I’ve been to the Greenway on multiple occasions, and have enjoyed it every time. And occasionally, an ice cream truck will stop by.  Google Oconee Greenway for more details. 

I frequent social media sites and adore corgis. People say I'm addicted to the internet. (It's kinda true.) I'm a graduate of GCSU.