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Five Essentials for Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall is among us and that means taking the Summer clothes out of your closet and bringing the Fall clothes in. Here are a few must-haves (and some extras) for the perfect Fall wardrobe.

1. Oversized Something

Whether it’s a piko or an oversized sweater, oversized shirts are perfect to pair with leggings for an effortless look that still looks stylish.

2. Leggings

Leggings are a must for every girl. These are the Nike shorts of Fall, but they make for a more classy look than running shorts.

3. Boots

Duh! What else are you going to wear during the Fall? However, these can get a bit pricy, so if you can only afford one color I would suggest getting a caramel color so it will match virtually anything. 

4. Boot Cuffs

Boot cuffs will dress your boots up a bit and give them a different look everytime you wear them!

5. Scarves

Last, but certainly not least, every girl knows this is the perfect accessory. A scarf can make your outfit and, like boot cuffs, give that same black piko you wear over and over a different look every time you wear it.


Some Extras:

1. Vests

Vests are the perfect addition to give your outfit that preppy look while still feeling comfy. You can still wear this with leggings, it just dresses it up a bit!

2. Cardigans

Perhaps my favorite addition, cardigans can either dress an outfit up or give that extra comfort feel. Wear a cardi with a nice shirt and skinny jeans for a nice look or an  oversized tshirt and leggings for class.

3. A Great Piece of Flannel

Flannel shirts are all the rage at the moment and are probably here to stay. You can wear flannel with pretty much anything: skinnies, leggings or pair it with a solid colored vest for a really cute look!

We hope you enjoy your new Fall wardrobe!



Hi Her Campus readers! I'm a Senior Mass Communications major, Netflix fanatic and everything caramel-based lover. You can always find me hanging out with my friends, watching Grey's Anatomy, eating Barberitos or doing all three at the same time! I'm Social Media/Public Relations chair for both Her Campus and CURE GC and love to support other organizations on campus that I have a passion for. I hope one day to go on a mission trip before my "big girl life" starts and then either do Public Relations for an amazing company close to my heart, like Her Campus or CURE, or open a clothing store of my own and donate a cut of the profits to different charitites each month. However for now, I'm going to take it day-by-day and enjoy what's left of my college career! XO, Katelyn. 
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