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Finals as Told by Gilmore Girls

Yay, it is almost winter break. The only thing in your way from junk food and Netflix binges is a college student’s personal hell; finals. Also, Gilmore Girls just released a four-episode reboot so that is a significant plus to the end of 2016. With finals upon us and Amy Sherman-Palladino gracing the world with Gilmore Girls one more time, it only seems appropriate to remind you of all the times Lorelei and Rory completely embodied finals week.

1. When you are studying in a group and you just agree to whatever answer that one girl said; then you realize that isn’t right at all and you are all screwed.  



2.  During this same group session; you realize you forgot everything you ever learned in this class.



3. Stress eating. It really should be considered an Olympic sport during finals.  


4. Three exams, two papers, and a PowerPoint presentation. You are counting the hours left in your week and they are coming up a bit short. Standard problem.



5. Everyone questions why they came to college at some point. Finals week you question your life choices daily.


6. Caffeine. It’s already a lifestyle, but now it’s a life source.




I know it is stressful and can feel like the end of the world. I promise, you will survive finals week and odds are if you are putting in the time and effort you’re going to do great! Study hard and take care of yourself.  

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