February Campus Fashion

Standing in front of my closet looking for the perfect outfit for class is something I do everyday, and I know you guys probably do, too!  I figured I would solve all our problems and give everyone a little inspiration: 




Alexa Simoes // Environmental Science Major

Alexa was warm while she headed to class on this chilly day in her fashionable flannel which was layered with a comfy jacket and leggings. This seems to be one of the most popular outfits to wear to class, besides the t shirt, leggings, and sperry boots. Hopefully Alexa wasn't late to class after stopping for this mini photo shoot! 



Destiny Parker // Theatre Major

Remember that one warm day we had a couple weeks ago? I happened to run into Destiny at Blackbird, our local coffee shop, and fell in love with her urban-style outfit. It was the perfect comfy-but-put-together college student outfit. After talking to Destiny,  I realized she was even cooler than the outfit she was wearing! 



Delaney Givens // Special Education Major 

One of my good friends Delaney was all bundled up for the cold weather. Instead of looking blocky, she looked perfectly layered with a puffer jacket, sweater, and thin top underneath. She added a pop of color to her mostly black and grey look with a green scarf, colored socks, and cute booties! 


Thanks for reading ladies! I hope these pictures give you some inspiration to use in your campus fashion.