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A Farewell to the Smokestack

Something kinda sad happened in Milledgeville on Saturday, October 15th, 2016. Our very own, very familiar Milledgeville smokestack of the retired Plant Harllee Branch–previously run by Goergia Power– was demolished due to its lack of purpose in over a year. Well you know what, Georgia Power, guess who thought it did have purpose? Georgia College Bobcats! Let me tell you why. Milledgeville smokestack, this one’s for you…

Oh, Milledgeville smokestack… You were our light at the end of the tunnel. The way we knew we were back at school, back at our second home, back to our Milledgeville family, back to the slow turns and the quick acts of hospitality. Back to the dirty floors and clear views, the green grass and white rocking chairs, the fear of clowns and the hidden secrets of the big pink mansion, the abandoned buildings and the colors green and blue. You told us were back to a wide variety of barbecue options, unnecessarily large pickup trucks, a pathetic shopping mall, kind hearts, and a shady spot under a tree. Stray cats and their baby kittens. Fishing boats and graffiti. You may be gone, but every time we cross that small bridge over Lake Sinclair know that your outline, amongst the pink and orange clouds of the beautiful sunsets and sunrises– when we had to drive back too early and too late– is engraved in our hearts forever. Milledgeville smokestack, thank you for always being there to say, “Welcome home.” Moment of silence for the video below: 






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