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Briana Morgan: Writing Prodigy

What do you get when you combine a talented writer, an alto singer, a book enthusiast and a genius all in one gorgeous package?
Well, you get Briana Morgan. Briana, 21, is not your average college senior. In fact, she’s probably a candidate for the title of “busiest woman at Georgia College.” Managing Her Campus, a tutoring job, several writing jobs; church life,  a boyfriend and apartment life, it’s a surprise she hasn’t pulled her hair out due to stress. 
“Jesus,” she says, when I ask her how she handles her busy schedule. “And caffeine. Lots of caffeine. And I like to mentally break my days into chunks like work, school, chores so I can count down how much I have left to do mentally. It helps.”
That love for Jesus she cited is part of what makes her stand out on campus. A combination of her faith and her feminist spirit allows her to walk confidently without worrying about what other people think. She dresses well and does her makeup for herself and only for herself.
Of course, the other thing that makes her stand out is her excellent writing ability, and her resume is one to be envied. Aside from her work with Her Campus, she’s done freelance articles, travel articles, novels and poetry, having pieces published since age 16. 
Of course, any frequent reader of this site knows about her writing skills. She’s been pouring her personality into the articles since she started Georgia College’s Her Campus chapter a year ago. She’s been the author of many articles on this site, and the editor of countless more, making her responsible for a vast majority of the content you see, including the article you’re reading right now. Certainly, these are fine additions to an already impressive portfolio. 
Worship leader, Mass comm major, lover of Jesus and cheese.
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