Bobcats At The Beginning Of The Semester Vs. The End

Alright. We know how stressful the end of the semester can be. Especially when you've kind of been slacking for an entire three months. Also, there's that one class you haven't been to, in like two weeks. You keep telling yourself you need to attend the next class, but... let's be real. First thing's first. Take a break from catching up on all of this finals studying to save your grade, and let's just reflect back on that student you were at the beginning of the semester. 



At the beginning of the semester, you totally had a nice, uncrumpled, brand-spanking new notebook for each of your classes- labels and all. You had at least five pens/pencils in your backpack, you were super organized, and took some amazing notes. Like you could definitely be that student typing out every single important detail for the cute guy with the broken hand. 


Now: What are notes again? No laptops allowed? Isn't this a university? Hand-writing was something you used to do, long ago. So most of your class time is now spent staring into the chalkboard, scrolling through Twitter, and waking up to jot down the one thing your professor said that sounded useful, but you don't actually know what it means. Come on. You just wrote it down because the studious girl next to you did. 

You also ask that same studious girl to meet up with you to study for finals. That's been your plan all along. 

At the beginning of the semester you made sure you had enough time to shower, pick out a decent outfit, and sometimes even do your hair before leaving for class. 

It's now turned into this leap-out-of-bed-when-you-see-the-time-on-your-phone thing. There's no time to shower. Just like there was no time to shower yesterday... Let's just say you might've gotten your money's worth out of that overpriced can of dry shampoo. You throw on the first pair of pants you see in your room, brush your teeth for not long enough at all, realize you don't have time to even look in the mirror, and stub your toe running back to your room to get shoes. You basically end up with this appearance that makes everyone want to ask if you need some assistance. 

You were once a very healthy person. You made trips to the grocery store to purchase ingredients in order to prepare low calorie meals and snacks. You even tried veganism for a couple of hours.




Now you smuggle Chick-Fil-A (or whatever food/beverage you can find) into the library because there's no time to even eat anymore between finals studying. 



At the beginning of the semester you did all of the readings for class. There was actually a time you scheduled during the day to finish them, and you were pretty much leading the fifteen people in your class through the in-class discussions. 

Now you kind of don't do the readings at all. You really [honestly] haven't even touched the book, and pretty much resort to the internernet for any sort of summaries or analyses you can scrape up. 

Okay. First, the idea of group projects was created by a cruel, cruel human, trying to invent ways to make a student's life even more miserable. Anyway, at the beginning of the semester you were totally on board, and open to any ideas your group members had. You were patient with them, and happy to do most of the work if it meant the project would be better. 

Now you're going to force everyone to do equal parts of the assignment, but it's almost like these people don't even understand basic vocabulary. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how they got accepted into Georgia College, you give them the simple tasks and just do the minimum requirements. 

At the beginning of the semester you thought your professors were the most intellectual, insightful human beings to ever walk planet Earth. They quickly became someone who you admired. You wanted to impress them, and show them how much you cared about the vision and understanding they offered. 

Now you just really need them to leave you alone completely. Seriously, if you receive one more email concerning anything other than class cancellation... 

At the beginning of the semester, warmer weather and summertime fun was merely a dream in the far, far distance. 

Now look at all that you have achieved! Everything you've been hoping for is finally here. Just one more week. Finish those final exams strong, Bobcats! It's totally been worth it.