Bestselling Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon is this week's Campus Celebrity due to her status as a bestselling author and being a GCSU Alumnus! Kenyon received the Alumni Achievement Award in 2012.

Sherrilyn Kenyon did not officially graduate from Georgia College, but it played a major role in her writing career. Sherrilyn Kenyon has said on her blog that during her time a GCSU she conceived and began writing her bestselling Dark Hunters series.

GCSU was the first college that Kenyon attended post high school and she says that out of the six college she attended over the years, GCSU was her favorite one.

Kenyon was extremely involved on campus during her time here. On her blog, Kenyon says that she was a junior editor for the Colonnade, a music director, and managed GCSU's radio station for three years. Kenyon was also a resident advisor for Wells, Adams, and Terrell hall. Finally, she also worked for Milledgeville Update which was GCSU's TV station back in th 80s.

Kenyon says that she meet her husband at GCSU before she left the University in 1990. It is fantastic that GCSU has another famous author on their alumni list and we hope that Sherrilyn Kenyon will visit the campus soon!

Read the blog post Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote about her time at GCSU: