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The Best Ways to Cope with the Cold Weather

It’s after Halloween…Now What??

It’s the dreaded tail end of the semester.  One month left until you’re free.  So how do we beat the cold weather blues? Easy. By embracing the fall traditions.

Change up your wardrobe.  Bust out those scarfs, leggings, and boots.  Nothing screams fall like a new wardrobe.  Luckily, it’s been a year since people have seen your red piko top so they probably won’t remember it! Fun tip- Take the boots and scarfs you got last fall, find a local monogramming place and take them for a spruce up!  Personally, I recommend getting your initials on the side of the boots.  It’s a simple twist to make people notice your boots as if you just got them!

Go buy fall foods.  Next time you’re at your grocery shopping frenzy, go buy that apple cider.  And maybe a cute mug.  It takes the sharp cold out of walking to class, which allows your to scope out campus for that cute guy you always pass by. 

Make your home feel like fall.  Place a pot of water on the stove and set it to simmer.  Cut an apple into pieces, add that, some cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, sprinkle in a little ground cinnamon if you want, and some vanilla extract to your water being careful not to let the water boil away.  Boom. Instant fall.  And all the ingredients are so easy to find and are cheap!

Take these and go warm up on these upcoming chilly days!




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