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Best TV Shows To Catch Up On Over Spring Break 2014

If you are not doing anything super productive over spring break, then let me add to your Netflix queue the shows that you should be watching while taking this nice vacation from school. While some shows may be older or newer, they are all entertaining and worth your free time.

Gilmore Girls

A cult classic, I could watch every episode a thousand times and never get tired of it. This is a great no brainer, I just want to laugh and eat ice cream out of the carton kind of show.

The Vampire Diaries


If you’re looking for something with a little more edge and drama, then The Vampire Diaries are for you. You’ll be hooked from episode one and never regret it. Ever. Why? Two words. Ian Somerhalder.

One Tree Hill


Always and forever, this show will live in infamy. To know this show is to love this show. If you have never seen episode, then cancel whatever plans you had for spring break and watch it. It’s beautiful and worthy every minute. Trust me.

Lie to Me


This is show is considerably older than most, but still has a great plot line. There is enough drama and humor to keep you entertained as you waste the days away. It’s a great crime show that takes a different way to catch the bad guys.



This show is pure gold. It’s witty, sassy, funny, romantic, dramatic, and everything you could ever want in a murder mystery. If you don’t watch any other show I have mentioned, please watch this one! It will not disappoint! 

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