5 Things I've Learned 5 Weeks Into Freshman Year


   1.  Negativity is a choice.

My favorite change from high school to college is seeing an endless mix of 7,000 students daily as opposed to the same 500 in your graduating class that you’ve been staring at since Kindergarten. You no longer are limited to who you used to be friends with, or the people in your classes. Not meshing with one person leaves roughly 6,998 other potential best friends. There is no longer a need to put up with toxic friendships, or pretend to be someone you’re not. There is no chance that there isn’t someone else on GCSU’s campus searching for someone exactly like you. From now on you choose who you surround yourself with.  Those people will directly effect you and how others view you. Choose wisely and don’t think any choice has to be forever. 


   2.  I Have an Unlimited Meal Plan But All I Buy is Food?

I came to college so pleased with my graduation savings. They would TOTALLY last me to December. I could TOTALLY do some back to school shopping, because what will I be buying in college anyways? I have an UNLIMITED meal plan! Unfortunetly, unlimited meal plans don't include Chic-Fil-A. Whoever designed the MAX for me to pass Chick-Fil-A on the way to the cafeteria was a genius. After countless Subway sandwiches, Brick pizzas, Amici wings, and of course SweeTreat ice cream cones; I’ve accepted defeat. Thank you GCSU for the Dining Dollars and Bobcat Cash which without I would be chicken nugget-less. Anyone up for ice cream?




   3.  Commitment of Clubs

Clubs were pretty sweet in high school. You signed up, had your mom write a $20 check, got a t-shirt, free food at a Holiday party, and slapped that bad boy on your college applications. But in college, clubs are suddenly very real. There are so many that relate to many specific interests. While the four high school clubs each had 500 people join, most college clubs seem to have roughly 20-40 members. These members are all passionate and active. Past are the days of joining things to join. College organizations come with real responsibilities and commitments. While it seems tempting to sign your name on every line, realize organizations are really passionate and looking for others who feel the same passion to expand their group. If you’re looking for a super fun way to get involved check out Her Campus GCSU!


   4.  Time Managment….Wait That’s Due Today?!

As a girl that finished Stranger Things at 3 AM before my first college exam at 8 AM, time management is hard. I’m a double major in the Honors program at GCSU and so far I have never found myself overwhelmed by course work. I have only found myself overwhelmed after 3 movies, two trips to the Max, and discovering a 11:59 PM deadline. College homework is hardly about testing you, or to keep you busy but instead to prepare you for class. So even if you try to B.S. an assignment or reading late at night, your classroom performance will surely suffer. This is a stark change from high school life. We have the freedom to do anything and everything. This mostly involves sleeping, eating, and binge-watching. Don’t be scared of college coursework, but instead of your own planning and time management skills. This doesn’t mean you need to arrive with a color coated hourly plan, but you definitely find a routine for study time. It will pay off in the long run.


   5.  It won’t be perfect.

Ever night and day I spent the entire summer before college scowering Her Campus, the Odyssey, and Pinterest for college articles. “How to make freshman year the BEST year yet”, “10 Tips for living with a roommate”, “What to expect from College classes." You name it, I’ve pinned it No article, blog, or friend could have prepared me fully for this transition. Nothing about it has been easy. It’s week five and I just finished moving into a completely new building on the other side of campus with a new roommate. Granted I’m happier than I’ve ever been this week, no advice could have eased the struggle of my first few weeks and that’s okay! At first I felt like I had failed, because college seemed so perfect for everyone else. No matter what pictures of friends, parties, and smiles others post, everyone is struggling in their own way to make GCSU their home. It gets easier day by day. Come in with high expectations, but don’t be afraid to struggle.