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5 Things to do for Spring Break

Want to find something fun to do this spring break but don't know where to start? This will guide you in the direction to choosing that fab vacation spot that will be sure to hit that sweet spot. 

1) Don't have any money for an expensive trip but don't want to go home either? Stay at school and work on relaxing from everything school related. Make it a point not to do any homework or assignments and focus on sleeping in, watching movies, catching up on your TV series, or pamper yourself at the spa. Staying home isn't overrated, it's underappreciated. Don't feel like you have to go somewhere this spring break just because everyone else is going somewhere. You may even go back to school more relaxed than everyone else because you didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on your vacation. 

2) Go to the beach. If you gather together a group of your closest friends, renting that hotel room won't seem as expensive with seven people in a two bedroom room. Who really needs a bed when you have the floor, right? All that really matters here is being at the beach, so go round up your group and tell them to pack a duffle bag with only bathing suits!

3) Go on a road trip. Don't feel like settling down in just one place? Plan a road trip! You can set different destinations into your GPS and choose to stay as long as you like at each destination. You could go to the beach for a few days and then hit a theme park the next. Your journey is up to you to decide and it will be the best journey you'll have until the next spring break. 

4) Go home with a friend. Is your roommate going back home for spring break? Tag along! This will be a great way for you to learn even more about your roommate and they can show you around their stomping ground. It's a free room, possibly free meals, and you get an entire week away from your dorm! Plus, you get to see a town you might not have visited before. 

5) Volunteer locally. Do you want to help people this spring break? Find an organization near your school to volunteer with. They're always needing volunteers and it will give you a great thing to add to your resume. 

Always remember to stay safe, buckle up, and enjoy your spring break!

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