3 Thoughts When Considering Minimizing Your Life

Over the past few years a new craze has once again hit the masses, and it is taking people by storm. This craze is known as minimalism. What is minimalism exactly? Minimalism is really what you make of it, as it is can be different to each individual person. The basis behind minimalism is that you are living with fewer items, but they are items that are very important to you and are essentials that will help you make it from day to day.

During the summer I started the minimalist process, although if you looked at my room you might think that I am failing at it. I’m not sure if one could fail at being a minimalist, but I can assure you that I am not. Being a minimalist is a journey that isn’t going to happen overnight or over the course of a few months. That’s how I see it. It’s a lifestyle change, and I’ve been easing myself through it.

I am certainly no expert on being a minimalist, so don’t take everything I say to heart. If you are curious to learn more about being minimalist, I recommend checking out theminmalists. For now, here are 3 things to consider:

1. Ask yourself if you need what you're about to buy

If what you are buying isn’t a necessity, then maybe you don’t need it. If it’s food, then buy all the food you want because you need it to survive.

2. Ask yourself if the items you possess hold a deep meaning for you

Having a lot of stuff is great, but having stuff that has a deep impact on you is even better. I know sometimes it is hard to let go of items that you have had for so long, but time and a deep impact are different. Sometimes they go hand in hand, but not for everything.

3. Ask yourself if one of your belongings went missing, how long would it take for you to notice

If it is something that you use everyday or almost every day, and it suddenly disappears you will notice. If it is not, and you don’t notice that it is missing until a couple weeks later, maybe you don’t need it anymore.  


I hope this gave you some insight if you were thinking about becoming a minimalist or just thinking about decluttering your life in general!