10 Songs to FALL in Love With

Ah! It is now September and with that brings, the best season of them all...FALL! There are so many things that happen in fall that one could say don't happen with such a big impact with the other seasons. In the Fall we have tv show premiers, music festivals, two awesome holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving, and of course school. 

I know some of us wish that summer was still here, and we could just sit around at home, or hang out with friends non-stop while listening to music. But.... I'm here to let you know that Fall is going to be just as awesome and you'll still get to jam out to some tunes! I've created a playlist for songs that you will hopefully "FALL in Love" with! These are very laid back, easy going tunes, that you can listen to while sitting around by a bonfire, or just relaxing with your friends in your home. 

Here are just a few songs featured on the playlist. As an added since of joy, click on each link to peep a music video. Then continue to listen to the other songs on the playlist below! 

1. Back Pocket - Vulfpeck 

2. Do You Want To Do Nothing With Me? - Lawrence 

3. Side Pony - Lake Street Dive

4. The Middle - Zedd, ft. Maren Morris and Grey

5. Brooklyn in the Summer - Aloe Blacc

Whether you heard this song on a commercial or have never even seen these names before, I hope that you have found a new realm of music to appreciate. Either way these feel good jams will be stuck in your head for weeks to come! Enjoy!