10 Cheap Things to do this Summer

With summer just around the corner and your wallet most likely empty from the shenanigans from this semester, most are looking for ways to pass the time and hangout with your friends. Here are some inexpensive or free things to do this summer.

  1. Cool off with Water Whether it’s a water balloon fight, a water gun fight, or going to the pool, the best way to beat summer boredom while cooling off is anything having to do with water. Not only is it a cheap way to beat the heat, but it is also a great way to cure boredom with friends.

  2. Photoshoot with your Friends Instead, of posting basic bikini pics all over your social media, look up some cool parks or abandoned buildings nearby. It’s a great, cheap way to hangout with your friends while getting some really cute pictures to post.

  3. Stargazing This is something that everyone always says they’re going to do but never end up doing. Instead of binging Netflix for the fourth night that week grab a few blankets and drive out to a nearby field or parking lot and look up at the stars. It’s a great way to catch up all while checking off stargazing on your bucket list.

  4. Paint What’s a better way to destress after finals week than losing yourself in art. Even if you’re not necessarily the artsiest person Pinterest is filled with easy to copy crafts that will help you pass the time.

  5. Movie Marathon Get your best friends together, pop some popcorn, and get lost in a movie. Nothing is better than watching a series from start to finish with your best friends. If you’re feeling adventurous try watching a film in another language with subtitles to experience a different culture.

  6. Go Camping Planning a camping trip during the school year can be extremely difficult with trying to find a time where all your friends are free, but during the summer you can use all of you newly acquired free time to go out and be one with nature.

  7. Go to a Minor League Sports Game Most of the time you can get tickets to minor league games for ten dollars or less. Going to support your local team is a great way to spend a night in the fresh air.

  8. Hiking Another outdoor activity that is super cheap. Whether you know it or not there is probably a trail relatively close to your house. Hiking not only will get you a sweet body to go back to school with, but it will also allow you to discover more about the area you live in.

  9. DIY Spa Night If you look online there are a ton of recipes for face masks and exfoliators you can make with things that are most likely already in your kitchen. It’s a great way to destress after finals and take care of your body. Treat Yo Self.

10. Read a Book Get lost in a book to pass the time this summer. Whether it’s reading while your tanning by the pool or reading one in a bookshop cause you can’t afford to buy it, reading is an awesome way to spend your summer.