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How She Get That Ass Like That?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the song “Ass Like That” by Victoria Monet. I constantly play it on my Instagram and whenever I get in the car. The song is about a woman who works hard for her booty; she’s constantly in the gym and working on herself. From comments that I’ve read on YouTube, people have been shocked by the fact that the song is actually about going to the gym and getting an ass. I love the song because it makes me feel like a boss, and it’s actually pretty empowering.

“What you water, that’s gone grow” The full line is “you know what they say ‘bout the grass. What you water that’s gone grow, so I made it grow.” Victoria drops something profound on us in these lines. This is a true expression of self love. When you water your grass, your flowers and any other plants you have in your yard (elephant ears in my case), they will grow. You love and take care of them and they will reward you with their growth and beauty. The same is true about us as people. When we love ourselves by taking mental health days, doing spa days, drinking our water, minding our business and so on, we water ourselves and start to see growth. It takes personal initiative and effort to put ourselves first sometimes. Change your habits and start seeing results!

“There’s a reason I walk like this” As women, when we walk and act a certain way, we are perceived as bougie, uppity and too good. Victoria tells us that it’s perfectly fine to know our worth and walk around with our heads held high. That doesn’t make us uppity, it just emphasizes that we know what we want, need and are worth, and we aren’t settling for less. You attract the energy that you put out, so walk around with confidence and like you own what you’ve got. If you do this, the universe will send that same energy to you. So, go off and step on necks, sis!

“I don’t edit my pics” In the words of Janet Louise Stephenson, “Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity.” This quote expresses the beauty of authenticity in a world of filters, fakes and/or Photoshop. I use filters, so I’m not coming for anyone who uses them, but I think there’s something beautiful in being raw and real. Sometimes, the world wants to see the authentic versions of who we are, flaws and all. This line is about being who you are and being transparent because that’s what’s relatable. IG models are beautiful and all, but there’s something about seeing that girl with the freckles and messy bun drinking out of her mug in the morning.

“I work for it, I’m on my shit” Boss status! This line and the line “When you see me, just know, yeah I earned that shit” are the two most empowering lines for me. These lines reinforce the idea of celebrating the small victories along the way. When you make that “A”, get that job, remember to clean up your room… acknowledge how well you’re doing. Words of affirmation are a part of self love, too. Understand that everything you get, you deserve. You worked for it and got it. Don’t be afraid to brag on yourself a bit and say “I did that shit”. That’s not cocky, that’s love.

“With them everyday squats, making shit pop” This is one of Victoria's lines in the hook where she gives the secret to getting “that ass like that”. Digging deeper, here’s the blueprint on how to make “shit pop” on a daily basis. Repetition. By doing something everyday or often, that behavior becomes a part of your routine and lifestyle. If you practice that math concept every other day, you’ll begin to learn and grasp the concept. If you do russia twists and other ab exercises daily, you’ll see your abs come through. If you squat and do other glute exercises, you’ll get the ass. So, be mindful of your habits.

“It's an asset just to see the way my ass sit like this” Lastly, Victoria explains to us that we are queens who are in control. We get to decide who is brought into our lives and who gets to enjoy our assets. Let that person know that your time is a blessing and a privilege, not a right. If someone refuses to act right, let them go. There are plenty of people out here willing to right by you without you having to beg. No matter who comes into your life, they should know that to be in your presence is a present. Period.