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Five Great Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Anyone who has gone through the job-hunting process has likely had a moment at the end of a job interview where their interviewer asked, “Do you have any questions?” and were clueless to what they could possibly ask. Oftentimes, we spend so much time preparing for the questions that they might ask us, that we don’t really think about what we would ask them. It may not seem important to ask questions at the end of an interview but sometimes questioning your interviewer a little can help you to learn more about the position and company culture and maybe even can help you to discuss more qualifications you have that you didn’t get to cover when you were being interviewed. Here are five great questions to ask at the end of a job interview:

  1. What does a typical workday look like?

I understand how this question can seem trivial and, in all honesty, it’s not necessary for you to ask it. However, it allows you to get insight into what employees are typically expected to be doing during their work hours. It also gives you an idea of what day-to-day life will be like in the office.

  1. Can you tell me how your experience has been working here?

 It’s important to know about current employees’ experiences in the workplace for two reasons. One is it gives you a closer look into company culture, which can let you know whether or not it’s a culture you think you’d want to join. The second reason to ask this question is because it shows interest in the interviewer’s personal perspective, which can make you more appealing. 

  1. Are there any reservations regarding my qualifications for this position?

This is my favorite question to ask in interviews! It allows you to listen to the concerns that the interviewer has about hiring you and find a way to reenforce your qualifications for the job. You can further elaborate on something you may have not done before, explain a skill you hadn’t talked about yet or just talk to them about how you’re improving in whatever it is that’s concerning them.

  1. What are the next steps in the interview process that I should be taking?

I don’t think this is always a needed question if the company has already explained the full process to you but you should definitely ask it if you’re not sure what comes next. Additionally, asking this question shows initiative that you’re willing to take going forward and enthusiasm at the prospect of getting the job.

  1. Is there anything else I can provide you with that would be helpful?

This is a good question to conclude your interview. It lets you know if you’ve answered all the interviewer’s questions to their liking and also just feels conclusive and lets them know that you likely don’t having anything else you need to ask. It also gives you another chance to address more inquiries they might have that still weren’t covered before.

I am a second year Literature, Media, and Communication major at Georgia Tech interested in working in marketing and/or PR. I was a writer for the Georgia Voice, a local LGBTQ magazine, and currently write for the Center of Teaching and Learning at Tech in addition to writing for Her Campus.
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