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When me and my mom go to the nail shop, we both get different things. I like to get my acrylic nails with a classic nude color. She likes to get gel or no chip in a blue or grey color. Two completely different women, two completely different styles. Today, you have a wide range of women who all like different things, especially nail colors and styles. There is dipping powder, gel, no chip, acrylics.


Women have been getting manicures since the late 1800s. In the 1930s, nail polish was invented and changed the face of manicures. In the late 1950s, fake nails were invented and acrylic nails came in the 1970s. Acrylic nails are plastic extensions of nails. They can be cut and styled in different shapes and lengths. The style of acrylic nails has changed over the years and so has the creativity of the people who do them.


People started experimenting with nail polish and different nail designs. In the 1980s, women that were big in the media would have long nails with the “squoval shape”.


Florence Griffith Joyner was well known for running her races with her long nails done in different colors. In the 1990s and 200s, women who worked everyday jobs didn’t wear long nails as much because although they were stylish they weren’t practical for every situation. The long nails with the bold colors and designs were reserved for those in the music/movie industries.


Typically, the standard shapes of acrylic nails were kept and the details and length were what was changed but during the 2010s, people started to experiment with different shapes. Coffin shaped and stiletto nails became more popular and bold colors and designs started to come back. The beauty of nails is how they can fit anyone’s style.






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