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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GA Tech chapter.

Since Black people were welcomed into the entertainment industry, they have had to fight for and demand equality among their white peers. Today, there is more minority representation among athletes, coaches, news anchors, musicians, actors and actresses but it is still far from what it should be.

We must continue to speak about the injustices in this country, not only in their respective industries but also to other people across this country and even the world.

There has always been mistreatment of minorities in every capacity imaginable but with the advancement in technology and the power of smartphones and social media, we are seeing this mistreatment firsthand and more often.

Specifically, since the George Floyd incident, a lot of athletes have spoken up about what is going on in the country. There have been some to donate their checks to causes that support social injustices, with some have even protested games just to get the message out there.

From the NBA with Donavan Mitchell, Chris Paul and Lebron James, to the NFL with Russel Wilson and the entire Detroit Lions organization and from kneeling for the anthem, to wearing a “VOTE” mask, donating/volunteering with organizations that focus on seeking justice for minorities, so many have taken the time to inform the world on what goes on everyday in America.

Individuals are also continuing to support minority communities by promoting businesses, HBCUs and providing resources for Black people who are financially limited. In addition to athletes, there have been musicians and artists using their talents and raising awareness for social justice issues through performances, songs, poems and artwork.

The rise in minority news anchors on large news networks, like CNN, ABC News and MSBN have also played a huge part in the information given out to the public about these issues. It is important to have politicians and news anchors having conversations about what is going on in the country and how things can be improved. There is now a platform available for people of color to give knowledge and insight to the rest of the world on how we are treated every day and why it needs to stop. There are people on national television who can talk about the struggles of a community and how that community can be improved.

Up until now, we have been living in a time where civil rights would be a major topic for a little bit, before fading into the background. But now with social media, we are reminded daily that this is a topic that needs to be talked consistently. Although talking is not enough, it can lead to action and actual change occurring, which is the goal.

We want change for the better and although this country has come a significant way in regard to the civil rights movement, we obviously have a long way to go.

My name is Jamiah Campbell. I am a third year student at Georgia Tech and I am studying Industrial Engineering. I enjoy reading and writing, watching sports and going shopping.