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Throughout history, there has continually been a negative stigmatism encompassing women and ~losing their virginity~. To put it plainly, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. No matter the situation, or the age of the partakers, there is never a right way for a woman to go about it in the eyes of society. If you make the decision to have sex, you’re not considered lady-like, and if you make the decision to wait, you’re a puritan. Whenever young women decide they’re comfortable enough with themselves and a partner to partake in any sexual acts, society, more often than not, chooses to assume her morals to be loose. And God forbid she have sex with more than one partner after the initial act. In contrast to this presumption, young women who enter their adult lives without having sex just must be prudes. 

No matter when a woman decides to have sex for the first time, there should be no negative connotation surrounding her decision. There also should not be any type of shame involving how much or how little sex she may be having. The decision to have sex for the first time, and however many times after that is solely up to the woman having it. There is nothing wrong with waiting your entire life to have sex, or to even never have it at all. The unfortunate nuance that has enclosed around female sexuality is oppressive and toxic. Societal pressure one way or the other should have no effect on a woman’s sex life. The only factors that a woman should take into consideration are that she feels safe and in a consensual environment. 

Hopefully the scarlet stamp being placed on both sides of this discussion will dissipate with the 

passing of time. To have sex? Or not to have sex? There is no right answer. 

Evie Robinson is a Politics & International Affairs and Religion double major on the Pre-law track with the intention to practice in her adult life. She wishes to bring her knowledge of current events and policies into her professional life in a way that benefits other people. She loves arguing, plants, and late nights with her wonderful friends. She hopes to one day live independently in the city and drink an espresso martini with every meal.
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