Purple Hair Don’t Care

Change is a good thing. Recently, I have been bored with my hair. This boredom coupled with several hours of free time culminated in the purchase of five different brands and colors of semi-permanent hair dye. Then I had some job interviews and was visiting family, so I forgot about it. 

This weekend I remembered that I had a stock pile of hair dye in my closet that I was ready to use. My favorite color is purple, so I figured purple hair would be a solid choice, not to mention the school spirit, go Dins!

Here’s how I did it:


Step #1:

Pick your hair dye. I chose this one because of its vibrant color and because it is semi-permanent.(Photo Courtesy of Artic Fox Hair Color)

Step #2:

Find a friend who is willing to get their hands dirty for you. My bestie and fellow Her Campus writer, Christina La Rosa, was up for the challenge.

Step #3:

Make sure your hair is clean and dry, if your hair is wet it will not soak up the dye as well.

Step #4:

Split your hair into layers, so make sure that the dye is evenly spread through your hair. If you apply the dye like shampoo it will be easy to miss spots, start with a section of hair at the bottom and work your way up.

Step #5:

Use gloves, or in my case grocery bags, to protect the hands of the person applying the dye.

Step #6:

Apply the dye one layer at a time until the desired section of your hair is covered.

Step #7:

Cover your head in a shower cap, or as we did use a grocery bag for 20 minutes.

Step #8:

Remove plastic covering and use a hair dryer to apply heat to your hair for 10 minutes.

Step #9:

Rinse hair in cold water until the water runs clear. Make sure that you have a towel to use that you don’t mind getting some color on!

Step #10:

Dry and style!



(Photo Courtesy of Maragret Bovard)



(Photo Courtesy of Maragret Bovard)


I was anticipating a disaster, but it looks better than I thought it would! The dye is supposed to fade with each wash and will last several weeks. I can’t wait to go show off my new do!