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New Year's Eve Makeup Inspo

New Year's Eve is one of the most glamorous nights of the year. It is always fun to wear a bold outfit, but this year consider doing bold makeup! Fun makeup can really tie your whole outfit together and elevate you NYE look to the next level.


Silver Eyeshadow

(Photo courtesy of @makeup_art_blog12)

Silver eyeshadow is SO underrated. People love to focus on warm tones like bronze and gold, and tend to overlook silver.  It stands out on any skin tone and looks super glamorous with any outfit. Bold silver eyeshadow with a little black dress would be the perfect NYE combo.


Metallic Lips

(Photo Courtesy of @hudabeauty)

Metallic lips have been a trend for a couple of years now, but they are hard to rock on a daily basis. Everyone loves to wear glitter and sparkle on New Years, so it is the perfect time to bring out a metallic lip. Anything from a metallic red to a metallic brown would look great on the big night!


A Halo Eye

(Photo Courtesy of @alexandra_anele)

A halo eye is a makeup look where the darkest eyeshadows are placed on the inner and outer corners, and the lightest eyeshadow is placed in the center of the eye. It may look intimidating, but it is actually quite easy to accomplish. It is flattering on many eye shapes and look so glamorous!


Bold Lashes

(Photo courtesy of @nirvanabeauty_)

There is no better time to whip out your boldest lash than New Year’s Eve! Fake eyelashes can really upgrade any eye look from “everyday” to “full-beat” instantly. The bigger, the better for New Year’s!



(Photo Courtesy of @christinadomua)

Nothing says NYE more than glitter. It’s just a fact. This is the one night of the year where glitter EVERYTHING is appropriate. This applies to makeup too: glitter on the eyes, glitter on the lips, glitter on the cheeks, glitter everywhere!


The women on the Her Campus at Furman team hope everyone has a safe and glam New Year!