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Let’s face it, $100 for one pair of leggings feels unreasonable, but for those of you who have sucked up the price and splurged on these magical leggings knows they are worth it. Lululemon leggings are both stretchy and strong. They are high waisted and come in different colors, lengths, with pockets, and without. In my personal opinion, Lululemon has been dominating the playing field… until… I discovered Fabletics. For months I scrolled past endless adds for “$24 for two pairs of leggings with a VIP membership!” and after constantly hearing my roommate talk about these “too good to be true leggings” I decided to give the Instagram add a try. 

(Photo Courtesy of Fabletics) 

Signing up as a VIP membership took around 3 minutes, and only required minimum information. With a VIP membership you get two leggings for $24 (normally around $80 for one pair) and other perks such as full outfits (including a sport bra, shirt, and leggings) all for $50 a month. 

You can either choose to order two pairs of leggings for $24 and cancel the membership or choose to skip or pay $50 a month for trendy athleisure outfits! For my two pairs of leggings, I chose the “powerhold” fabric, one dark camo and one blue with pockets. When they came in the colors were exactly as they looked online and their name “powerhold” held true! 

(Photo Courtesy of Fabletics) 

They were thick sturdy fabric that were both stretchy and strong. They felt like lululemon leggings only for a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend saving your hundred dollars and using 24 of it for two pairs of high-quality leggings! 

Annie Dephouse is a junior at Furman University. She is a psychology major with a secret love for creative writing. She also love sunsets, Mario Cart, and skiing.