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Dear Ladies,


I wish more people were accepting of difference. Difference in thought, difference in action, and difference in life. How senseless is the quote “Keep your opinions to yourself”, that is assuming these opinions are well thought out? I mean seriously, who is really winning when that happens? There is no growth in an area without difference. Difference in opinion matters, especially when it comes down to ethical decisions, or questions of humanity.

We need to think. What do we as women, allow to slip by because “it’s just a joke” or “it’s not that serious”? We allow traditions to stay in place even when it harms a group. Traditions are much more than a meaningful practice. By maintaining harmful traditions, we are maintaining harmful mindsets. Mindsets that continue to thrive and oppress.

We need to listen. Telling someone who challenges a tradition to keep their opinion to themselves is abhorrent. We should all be thinking through the reasoning behind other opinions, even if they do not align with our own. If someone is willing to go against popular opinion there is usually a reason why.

We need to empower. The voices of all women should be heard, which is why it pains me when women suggest that other women refrain from speaking their minds. We must be supportive of those who are brave enough to ask questions. Strong women are able empower other women while accepting and understanding difference. Let’s be strong women.

I hold us all accountable. We need to do better. We need to stand up for what we believe in and be able to stand with those who question the status quo. Ladies, we must learn to love each other, and fight with and for each other. If we don’t, nothing will change.

Last thing. Keeping your opinion to yourself is ridiculous.



Sarah Rinker

Sarah Rinker

Furman '20

Sarah Rinker is a writer for Her Campus at Furman University. She is a Senior, Division I soccer player, Communication Studies and Philosophy double major at Furman University. As a research fellow, Sarah conducted philosophical research on race and racism. When not on the soccer field or in the library, Sarah can be found playing video games on her Nintendo Switch and PS4, reading up on concepts of design thinking, and doing yoga.
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