Kush Mascara Review: One Dope Mascara

“One hit for high volume” is Milk Makeup’s slogan for its new Kush Mascara. This mascara was revealed in April of 2018, appropriately on 4/20, as the newest and most innovative mascara. Its secret ingredient is none other than cannabis oil, which adds extra volume to your lashes.

Why weed you may ask? According to Milk Makeup’s website, they use cannabis oil instead of beeswax as a binding agent to keep the formula vegan. But is the use of cannabis oil just a marketing technique, or is Kush Mascara really on a higher level than the rest?

(Photo by Hannah Tyson)

Milk Makeup really puts an emphasis on the volumizing and conditioning aspects of this mascara, so I focused on these key features while testing Kush Mascara. The volumizing properties of this mascara are phenomenal. It really does amp up your lashes with just one coat, but you can easily add two coats without having to worry about getting “spider lashes.”

Kush Mascara is also a long-lasting mascara that doesn’t flake off during the day. This leads me to believe that there are some conditioning properties, possibly the cannabis oil, that prevent the mascara from getting crusty during the day. For only $24, you get luxuriously heavy packaging as well as a hefty amount of product.

(Photo by Hannah Tyson)

With initial application, it takes a few minutes for the mascara to completely dry down. This can easily cause smudging if you aren't careful. Unfortunately, this happens to me often when I coat my bottom lashes. This is especially true due to the large, fluffy wand on this mascara, so be careful when you apply!

Kush Mascara is definitely worth the hype. The makeup industry is always coming out with new products, and it can be hard to weed out the good ones from the gimmicks. This one is a diamond in the rough. Kush Mascara does what it claims to do, and more. This product has already become one of my favorite mascaras in only a few days. I will definitely buy again!