I Went to a Male Strip Show and This is What Happened

Two weeks ago, for my friend’s 21stbirthday, a group of our friends and I went to a touring male strip show that happened to be visiting Greenville. Going in, I had no idea what to expect, except for maybe some shirtless men in small shorts giving lap dances. But it was SO MUCH more than that.

You could pay to get a special lap dance on stage, and then about halfway through they came into the audience and gave lap dances to anyone waving a dollar bill—and this was basically the basis of the show.

Now, when I had originally thought of a lap dance, I imagined a shirtless man grinding the air in front of me and that was about it. Well, I was very wrong.

When my friend went on stage she was thrown around, her butt slapped, dress pulled up, legs spread, and touched just about everywhere. Another one of their favorite moves was having the woman bend over with her hand on the chair while the man grinded on her. When they came into the audience to scatter the fun, I was lucky enough to receive a dance. He spread my legs, put his face in between them, and then proceeded to choke me while he thrusted.

Now, this was all in good fun and everyone was obviously there for the same reason, but I found a few things problematic that I think women should be aware of before going to a show like this. They did do things like pick up women, choke them, and put their hand behind their head and shove toward their crotch. All things that yes, evoke a fun sense of fantasy and fun, but to some women could be triggering.

There is nothing wrong with having these things as a part of their show, but I personally do wish he had told me before he began choking me, just so I knew what was going on. I do know that my friend who was on stage was told before she was picked up, which is great! Consent is really the key here. Because all though we are paying to go to this show, I know I was not expecting such intensity!

All in all, it was a great night celebrating the birthday girl, laughing and screaming with friends. This is a really fun thing to do for a friend for a special occasion. But, just as a heads up, your lap dance may be a little more than you expect!