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4 Tips to Help You Thrive in Online Classes

For the majority of us, college looks very different this semester. Some of you might feel like you have gotten the hang of online classes, while others are still struggling to find their groove. Regardless of your stance on online school, we could all use some tips and tricks to stay motivated and organized! 

1. Keep a Planner

I cannot stress this enough. I am lost without my planner. I schedule all of my assignments, tests, meetings, etc. First, I suggest writing down all major assignment due dates for the next two months. That way, assignments don’t surprise you. Although it sounds stressful, I often schedule every hour of my day from meal times to study sessions, and even breaks. This provides me with clear structure for what I need to get done, while allotting time for a relaxing bath or a movie with friends! 

2. Print Important Papers

I often feel lost with my computer because I easily download around fifteen documents a day. To help with my computer file anxiety, I now print any important notes, assignment guidelines, and syllabi. It helps to have a separate folder for each class’s documents. This way, you don’t have to endlessly search for that one document that you don’t remember titling. Also, it can’t hurt to look a little less at a computer these days. 

3. Only Use Your Bed for Sleep or Sex (while staying mindful of COVID-19!) 

I know this can be hard. This new school environment really blurs the line between school and home, but we have to find some sort of structure in this madness. Your bed can become a source of anxiety if you continue to go to class and do homework in your bed. You might begin to associate your bed with school and stress, not sleep. If you want a cozy place to read, try your couch or outside instead of your bed! 

4. Take breaks

Home and school have meshed, leaving us stuck in the same environment constantly. Therefore, don’t skip out on breaks. These breaks should be outside of your working and home space. A fifteen-minute walk around your neighborhood can make a huge difference. This break can even be a trip to the grocery store. Find what works best for you, but don’t let scrolling through Instagram be your daily work break. 

I know this new normal is uncomfortable and unknown, but take comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone in this. Keep your heads up, ladies! Go get that degree!

Sarah Briere

Furman '22

Sarah Briere is a junior at Furman studying Psychology. In addition to being a writer for HerCampus, she is the Merchandise Chair for Alpha Delta Pi sorority. In her free time, she enjoys painting, doing makeup, and dancing. After college, she hopes to help women be the best version of themselves as a Clinical Psychologist.
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