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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FUNAAB chapter.

Name:Akinwunmi Esther Olufunto


Department: Entrepreneurial Studies (ETS)


Birthday:10th November, 1995

Why did you choose FUNAAB?

‘’I chose FUNAAB cause of my course of study. Before I got in here, I used to hear nice stuffs about it, so that increased my likeness for the school. Also, I didn’t want to be far away from home.’’

What’s your best memory at FUNAAB so far?

‘’I haven’t had any best memory yet, still hoping for one.’’

Are you involved in any students’ organization on campus?

‘’No, I’m not involved in any yet. I don’t really have a thing for the ones I have come across but I’m hoping to join one soon though.’’

Are you in a relationship?

‘’Not in any relationship yet.’’

Single and ready to mingle or not ready at all?

‘’Single and not ready to mingle.’’

Who is your celebrity crush?

‘’No one, I don’t really have a thing for celebrities.’’

What makes you ‘you’?

‘’God, constant encouragement from myself, my mum and my true friends (they are very few).’’

What’s your beauty secret?

‘’No secret. I’m not a heavy makeup fan. Just normal and natural.’’

Nice one, so what words of encouragement/advice do you have for all the beautiful funaabites?

‘’I would just say that in whatever they do they should try to be the best and also make good use of their time in achieving something great in FUNAAB. By doing this, on leaving FUNAAB, they would have left a mark for other students to follow and remember.’’

Aina Wura is a student of Federal University of Agriculture,Abeokuta studying Entrepreneurial Studies. She loves empowering the female clan through write-ups and public speaking and her utmost desire is to see all females live up to their full potential.