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Akerele Olorunnimbe: The brain behind Ace

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FUNAAB chapter.

Cute, calm and coordinated these are a few words to describe FUNAAB’s very own graphic design genius, Nimbe, aka Bizzle. He has made some really amazing designs, especially designs for notable celebrities like Praiz. He also owns the company Ace.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

“I’m Akerele Olorunnimbe. I was born in Kogi state. I had my primary and secondary school education in Kogi State .I’m a 300 level student of FUNAAB, Department of Physics”

You’re living so far away from home, how are you coping with that?

“Living in Kogi and schooling here, It hasn’t been that hard. Ogun state is my state of origin. I have got a lot of families around and my parents are always coming over.”

What do you love about FUNAAB?

“FUNAAB is actually one of the top federal schools in Nigeria. The educational system is really good and FUNAAB is still expanding.”

How has your stay in FUNAAB been? Any great experiences or bad ones?

“Yeah, FUNAAB has taught me a lot of things. I remember one of my bad experiences; I was going home from a friends place around 9pm then like 6 guys just came out from nowhere and asked for money. I almost got beaten but I escaped.”

That was quite an experience you had. Everyone wants to know what got you into designing and how did you discover your gift?

“I’ve loved art since I was little. I remember my dad teaching me how to draw when I was little. Art is life and when I say Art, I’m referring to music, fashion and visual art.”

We’ve seen some your designs and we must say they are amazing, what inspires your designs?

“Yes, I get inspired by so many things, By what I see. Before I start a design, I already know what I want it to look like already. So I try to achieve that result.”

How do you combine your academics with your design work?

When I get to school, I just tend to limit my designing time. I do the art works at my leisure time. So any little time off my books the only thing I do with my time off is my art.

How’d you come up with the name Ace for your company? Do you have other designers working for you?

When I started that was the name that came to me. It kept ringing in my head. Under Ace we have a lot of things like the clothing, graphics, stickers and others. I don’t want to say I have people working under me. I have co-workers, an idea could be priceless.”

Onto more personal stuff: is Bizzle single?

“Yeah, I am single. I’m still searching for the first lady.”

Are you picky when it comes to girls?

Yeah I am, maybe that’s why I am still single. I’m into girls who know what they want. Dream chasers and girls with skill.

Do you go all-out when it comes to fashion?

I’ve loved fashion since way back. I just want to look good though I feel everything should be done in moderation.”

Are there current projects you’re working on? What should we expecting from you this year?

“Expect a lot from Ace this year, new products and better designs. I am working on some new stuff with some people. I am going to bring something new to FUNAAB this year. Ace is going to be loud.”


Segun Bamgbose is a third year student of Accounting at the Federal University of Agriculture.He enjoys writing,singing,listening to music with no exact preference.He is simple,friendly and funny.Spends his leisure time playing video games.Great at developing and bringing out the best in people.
Aina Wura is a student of Federal University of Agriculture,Abeokuta studying Entrepreneurial Studies. She loves empowering the female clan through write-ups and public speaking and her utmost desire is to see all females live up to their full potential.