Adebiyi Oluwatoyin

An interview with a fashion designer who is overly interested in making people look good, stylish and unique. She is a lady that loves fashion and sees making clothes as a hobby and also as a dream.

 Can you briefly talk about yourself?

I'm Adebiyi Oluwatoyin. I am a final year student of Microbiology. I am a lover of fashion, I like sincerity, I love excellence in all I do and I shun evil.

What motivated you to become a fashion designer?

I got into it before I loved it and since I started; my motivation came from my passion for making people look stylish and distinguished in what they wear.

What's your product's name

Biyietoyne couture

What kind of clothes do you enjoy sewing the most?

I really enjoy sewing ready-to-wear dresses, I mean non-native dresses.

What about the ones you don't really enjoy sewing?

Not like I don't enjoy sewing those ones, I just love the others ones more.

How do you handle school activities with fashion designing?                         

 Once I’m in school, I ignore the fashion work partially. I just try to sketch the designs and keep it till i am ready to switch again. So it's more like a switch thing. When I’m on break or less busy with school activities, I switch back and sew the designs i have made.

Any tough period or bad experience you would want to share?

There was a time my fashion work got me so obsessed and I almost forgot totally about school work, it affected me academically back then, but i've readjusted that...

What can you say about Funaab ladies when it comes to fashion?

We're trying...

Let's talk about you a little, what kind of wears do you like, are you crazy about shoes, bags or dresses?

I love anything stylish, conventional, most possibly designed by me. I love shoes and bags but am not really crazy about them as such but I love them.



Who is your role model?

 My mum is my role model; she is someone I always look up to.

What's your advice to Funaab ladies, academically and socially?

I'd advise all ladies to groom themselves in every aspect of their lives. We should be so full of virtues and values that every man that finds himself with them would adore them and see they as a blessing and an addition. We should be versatile, enterprising, smart, neat, and current in every areas. We should also try and listen to news too.