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Your Favorite Romantic Comedy Lead Based on Your Enneagram Type

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

About six months ago, I took the enneagram test and became weirdly obsessed with the idea that a test was able to get my personality type down to a T. The point of the test is to determine, out of the nine types, which type you represent the most. It is very common to find a little of yourself in all the types, but one of them stands out as being closest to yourself. I’d like to think this is more accurate than your zodiac sign (astrology lovers, please don’t come for me)! After some thinking, I decided to match some of my favorite romantic comedy leads with the enneagram types! I’m no enneagram expert, but I like to think these are spot on!

1. Type One – When Harry Met Sally

If you are a type one, you are The Reformer. You are purposeful, principled, a perfectionist and self-disciplined. This is the perfect depiction of Sally Albright. She is critical and has high standards. Her character is incredibly in tune with what she wants for herself, hence her independence, and she takes no shit from anyone, especially a man. 

2. Type Two – 27 Dresses

Type two is also known as The Helper. You are described as caring, generous, demonstrative and you tend to be a people pleaser. Jane Nichols is exactly that. Her whole life she’s helped everyone around her, but no one has returned the favor. Her main desire is to feel wanted and appreciated.

3. Type Three – How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Congrats, you are known as The Achiever! You are driven, success-orientated and adaptive. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is the embodiment of type three because both Ben and Andie are highly ambitious, goal-setting characters. Each has a goal in the movie (though opposite) and will do whatever it takes to accomplish it. Andie, especially, is all about taking her career to the next level, which she ultimately does, at the end of the film.

4. Type Four – Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Type four is also known as The Individualist. You are dramatic, self-absorbed, temperamental and expressive. Lola Step wants nothing more than to be the center of attention in every aspect of her life. Naturally, she’s the musical lead in her school’s drama show and she’s a force to be reckoned with. She thrives on being unique and different. In her own words, “I lied because I wanted to make myself seem more interesting.”

5. Type Five – My Big Fat Greek Wedding

If you are a type five, you are The Investigator. A type five is perceptive and innovative. There might be some unpopular opinions for this one, but Toula’s character really gave me type five vibes. She is very analytical and attentive. She is observant of her surroundings and she seeks out more than what her family has to offer. She branches out and, in the process, finds loves in both Ian and herself. 

6. Type Six – The Princess Diaries

Type six, also known as The Loyalist, is engaging, responsible, anxious and suspicious. A lot of characters came to mind, but Mia made the most sense. Mia Thermopolis is levelheaded, intuitive and rational. When allowed to learn more about her late father’s royal life, she takes it. Although this next step in her life makes her feel uneasy, worried and pressured, she persists beautifully. 

7. Type Seven – 13 Going on 30

If you are a type seven, you are The Enthusiast. Being a type seven means you are spontaneous, fun-loving, scattered and, sometimes, distracted. Jenna Rink is the perfect representation of that. She is always on the go and does her best to do it all! She is charismatic and craves freedom, but she also fears the pain of rejection. She does not want to miss out on amazing life experiences, also known as Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), and loves to keep herself busy.

8. Type Eight – The Proposal

If you are a type eight, you are known as The Challenger. You are powerful, self-confident, decisive and dominating. In my opinion, Margaret Tate truly embodies everything a type eight is. She is committed and assertive. Her co-workers are highly intimated by her success. She refuses to be told what to do (even by the government) and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Honestly, I aspire to be her. 

9. Type Nine – A Cinderella Story

Ah yes, The Peacemaker. Spoiler alert, this is my enneagram.  If you are a type nine, you are receptive, easygoing, reassuring and agreeable. You tend to avoid conflict and want everything to go smoothly. Hence, Sam Montgomery refusing to tell Austin Ames she’s “Princeton Girl,” fearing it will cause many issues because he’s popular, and well, she’s not. However, Sam is supportive and a great listener to her friends and co-workers. 

Curious to see which type you are? Take the test here!

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Victoria Cardoso is an Editing, Writing, and Media major at Florida State University. When she’s not writing for Her Campus FSU, she’s probably watching Harry Potter, reading a book, or eating a slice of pizza.
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