You Need to Watch "Out of Shadows" on YouTube

Everything is expected to fizzle out and die at some point after being in the spotlight for too long. People forget about the bold headlines in the media when another flood of information occupies our thoughts. In this case, the app remarkably gone viral, Tik Tok, was buzzing about a YouTube documentary titled “Out of Shadows” that accumulated 7 million views in over 5 days. Imagine how many people were tuning in to see what the hubbub was about.

And suddenly, no one is talking about it anymore.

Tik Tok doesn’t show any more reviews, YouTube suppresses the search engine to bury the video (you can’t look it up by its name, it does not appear) and now sitting at 11 million views, the documentary is on the brink of being removed permanently. What does this tell us about the media? They clearly do not want us to ask the questions incited in the documentary. Based on what I’ve seen, there is not one article online that discusses the documentary at large.

A team of ex-Hollywood stunt coordinators and a discredited journalist who was once highly respected in the industry put together the hour documentary to expose how media, government, Hollywood, pedophiles and Satanists are all correlated. It sounds a bit far-fetched, but this documentary leaves no room to possess second thoughts about it. Diving into the highly publicized mantra “Epstein didn’t kill himself,” to the desensitization of horrid governmental acts in Marvel movies, to underground rings of pedophilia in pizza parlors, you’ll be itching to learn more after the documentary ends. All the information is highly alarming and will have you disbelieving content that is spread by the media, searching for hidden agendas in every statement. Your most beloved social media platforms, news stations, television/radio segments and political figures will no longer sit comfortably with you... at all.

news on fire

The night after I watched the documentary, all I did was research the information provided in the documentary for further elaboration. At that point, I was entirely convinced not to trust anything I was hearing. I saved articles in my notes, avoided reports from top 10 news stations, watched podcasts hosted by skeptics and other discredited figures – you could say I went full Jake Gyllenhaal from Zodiac. I ended up feeling frustrated with all the dead ends and unsolved cases, completely unnerved with the individuals with powerful positions in our country and their secret dealings of who-knows-what. And the conspiracy theories discussed seem more than outlandish speculation, especially since most of them have been covered up by one undermining word in the media: debunked. Sure, by who exactly? If you’re just as inquisitive as I am, I hope you check out this documentary and feel a deeply-rooted urge to ask these same difficult questions; you’d be surprised, there is an entire community of concerned Americans that are researching too, you just have to rethink where you’re looking online.

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