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You Missed Free Unlimited Blaze Pizza

Imagine all-you-can-eat pizza… and if you’ve ever been blessed enough to eat Blaze Pizza, imagine all you can eat Blaze Pizza.  Well everyone’s dream became a reality on Thursday, September 29, 2016 A.K.A. the best day of a lot of people’s lives.  Unfortunately, you already missed the event, so you don’t get all-you-can-eat Blaze, but here’s a detailed recap- maybe you can imagine you were there, but trust me it’s not the same.

The idea of the event was a “Greek Pie-Eating Contest”, all pizza supplied by Blaze Pizza and all participant’s members of FSU Greek Life.  Sororities and fraternities competed against each other (fraternities and sororities separate of course, it would be unfair to the guys).  The grand prize for each sector was $1,000 to their respective philanthropy, second place won $750 and third place won $500.  Stuffing your face with pizza until you puke in the name of philanthropy?  Tallahassee doesn’t get any more savage than this (let’s not forget when FSU closed for a hurricane but the bars didn’t or when everyone went to Pots when it was the hub for HFMD).

The sororities got to compete first.  The rules were that each team was made of five and only one person per team was allowed to be eating at a time.  So girls basically tagged each other in and out, strategizing who would tag who in and when.  The winner was determined by which team consumed the most slices of pizza in 15 minutes.

Kaylin Czajkowski, a sister of Delta Zeta, expressed her reaction as a participant, “It was a fun and very interesting experience, but was a lot harder than I expected.  I can eat a lot but I was only able to eat five slices in three minutes.”

The guys were much sloppier with their eating methods, definitely making it more entertaining.  A common theme I saw along the fraternity teams was dipping their pizza in water to make it easier to chew and swallow.  It didn’t look too appetizing, especially to the guy whose face turned red the harder he tried to hold in his vomit.  I didn’t feel too bad for him though, I’m sure that’s how his Friday night at Recess went as well. 

Courtesy: Ashley Ferraro

For the sorority competition, first place went to Delta Gamma, who took home a remarkable $1,000 to donate to Service for Sight.  Alpha Omicron Pi took second place, taking $750 to benefit arthritis research and the American Juvenile Arthritis Organization.  Taking home the bronze in third place was Delta Zeta, whose $500 will go towards the Starkey Hearing Foundation and FSU’s Speech and Hearing Clinic.

In regards to the fraternity gentlemen who in fact, did dominate the scene, Pi Kappa Alpha won first place, Chi Phi took second and Delta Tau Delta came in third. 

If Blaze Pizza ever hosts another event like this, I would highly recommend signing up in behalf of your organization ASAP.  Even if you don’t win, it’s literally free pizza.  Even though eating it so fast might make you hate pizza forever, I guarantee you enjoy eating Blaze Pizza ten times more than what you have to force down your throat at your sorority house.

So congratulations to the winners and to everyone who got free pizza and I hope no one puked too much that they forever have an aversion to pizza.

Florida State University junior, just winging it.
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