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You Can Do These Halloween Festivities From the Comfort of Home

This year, much to our absolute horror, Halloween falls on a Wednesday night. This sucks worse than a vampire’s bloodthirsty bite, especially if you have an important 8:00 AM class that you can not miss because of a freaky fun Halloween party. Or maybe you just simply do not feel like hitting up Recess in the middle of the week. Either way, no one wants to miss out on all the fun during the spookiest time of the year! Here are some of the best ways to celebrate Halloween and still be in bed before the witching hour begins!

1. Watch some of your favorite Halloween movies! 

  • Be sure to check out the 31 Nights of Halloween Freeform Schedule – Hocus Pocus is playing pretty much from 7:30 AM to 12:00 Midnight
  • You can also choose the scary movie route. Put on The Conjuring and its sequel (or any other pairing) for a double feature!
  • You can also choose to watch less scary classic Halloween movies such as those usually played on Freeform, (The Addams Family and The Corpse Bride) or Rocky Horror Picture Show which is a personal favorite.
  • OR binge watch a Scary TV show such as American Horror Story or The Haunting of Hill House

Courtesy: Pinterest 

2. Carve a pumpkin

Of course, this will require you leaving the house to get a pumpkin at some point but take this time to find a cute pumpkin patch and take aesthetic fall pictures for the ‘gram.

  • Bake the pumpkin seeds for a snack later! Here’s some guidance.
  • You can also bake pumpkin pie FROM SCRATCH! I know it sounds scary, but it could be really fun to try!

3. Wear themed clothes

Find Some Halloween themed pajamas that you and your friends could wear OR wear the costume you WOULD have worn if you DID go out for Halloween.

4. Find a fall favorite recipe

Courtesy: Sparkling Charm

Have fun and challenge your baking skills! Even if it doesn’t look like the picture given, at least you will have some tasty treats to eat during your movies! Here are some easy to make favorites:

5.  Fun Halloween inspired makeup

You know those wickedly crazy Halloween make up tutorials involving Elmer’s glue, tissue paper and fake blood? The ones you have always wanted to try but never had the time for? Now’s your chance, girl.

6. Read a scary book

Put on your cozy socks and get under the blankets to enjoy a good horror story while sipping a hot drink of your choices such as warm apple cider, hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Barnes and Noble’s list of the Top 25 Most Terrifying Books Ever list for inspiration.

Hopefully, these ideas will keep your Halloween night full of fun silly spooks and scares. Even if you choose to opt out of the usual drunken Halloween activities of college life, you should still be able to celebrate in your own cozy home. These suggestions will help you enjoy the spooky season while keeping you away from the scariest thing of all: getting extremely messy and drunk at the clubs in Tallahassee.

Rebecca is a junior at FSU majoring in creative writing. She enjoys reading novels until midnight (okay, maybe 2:00 AM), binge-watching shows on Netflix, and hiking in the mountains of North Carolina.
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