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Women’s History Month: Four Women Continuing the Fight for Equality

During Women’s History Month, we reflect on, and are taught about the amazing women who have come before us, some of whom we never learned about in our history textbooks. This month is amazing, because we celebrate women and rejoice in the progress women have made throughout the years. While we are reminded of the irreplaceable work done by these extraordinary women of the past decades, we must also realize the work women are doing to continue gender equality now. The fight isn’t over, and the four women listed below have proven that over the last five decades, they are women who WILL change the world. So, Collegiettes, meet the four women that have been working towards women’s issues and will be written about in future history textbooks.

1. Emma Watson

Emma Watson went from being the world’s most adored muggle-born, to the front-woman of feminist campaigns for the United Nations. She has launched campaigns including, HeForShe and Impact 10x10x10. These campaigns have been the catalyst for conversations involving gender equality. It has brought a much needed participant, males, into the fight for equality and has assessed not only the struggles faced by women due to the double standards in our society, but by men as well. Emma is a role model for many that will be recognized as a staple for our generation of feminist issues.

Check out Emma’s HeForShe video and the Impact 10x10x10 video.

2. Malala Yousafzai

Malala is a modern day Pakistani activist, particularly towards rights to education for women and young girls. Displeased by the message Malala was sending to the public regarding a woman’s right to be educated, the Taliban sent out a death threat to her. On October 9th, she was shot while on her way home from school. She was in serious, critical condition, but overcame it. Since then, she was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize in 2013, and later won it in 2014. She wrote an autobiography, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, and also established the Malala Fund, which helps bring awareness, support, and a voice for women who want an education. Her message has grown from local activism to an international movement. Malala defied her reality and has changed many women’s lives forever because of her devotion and courage.

Check out her biography, and the Malala Fund.

3. Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is an activist, feminist, and writer. Her activism was first highlighted when her article, “After Black Power, Women’s Liberation,” was published. After being publicly recognized as a feminist leader, she campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment, an amendment proposed to solidify equality of the sexes in America. Gloria was so passionate about women’s issues that while investigating for an article, she sought employment from Playboy, received the job, and reported back about how the women were treated in this tell-all article, “A Bunny’s Tale”. Gloria then went on to start her own magazine, Ms., which focused its content on feminist issues. Gloria has been, and still is, a shining light in women’s activism and feminist issues.

Learn more about Gloria here, and check out her magazine, Ms., and her articles, A Bunny’s Tale and After Black Power, Women’s Liberation

4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda is a Nigerian author and short story writer. On top of having an ample writing career, she has spoken in many different places and arenas about her ideas of women. She has been labeled the Nigerian Feminist. In her TEDx talk, “We should all be feminists,” she highlighted women’s issues, including marriage, sexuality, work, and much more. This speech was catapulted to a mainstream platform when Beyoncé featured part of Chimamanda’s speech in her song, “Flawless.” Chimamanda’s speeches have brought awareness to feminist issues and have inspired people to join in activism.

Check out her Tedx talk.

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