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Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was one that all of Bachelor Nation has been anxiously waiting for since the promos were dropped in December. We knew drama was coming, we knew we would see a lot of catfights and confrontations, but the only thing we WANTED to see was Colton jumping that fence and last night, we all thought it was coming! You know the fence moment we’re talking about.

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Yesterday, Colton took to Twitter to hint this might be the episode where we got the inside scoop on what had him climbing fences. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the scene we are all longing for, but his cryptic tweet may have been an indicator that tonight was the reason he was driven to the fence in the first place, and that means it must be around the corner.

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Let me set the scene for you.

The first half hour or so of the show involved never-been-kissed Heather getting her first solo date, while Elyse was simultaneously having a mental breakdown. Although she received a one-on-one early on in the season, it seems that Elyse has actually never watched the show before. She was pretty upset that Colton wasn’t giving her more individual time, another date card for another one-on-one, and overall having to share Colton. We know that this isn’t the ideal setting for dating someone, but c’mon now Elyse, you submitted that application knowing what this show entailed! Heather had a nice date exploring Thailand with Colton, doing a little window shopping, and having a typical dinner date. After dinner though, Colton took Heather by the hand and led her down to a private beach. There was a cute little fire burning, and just like a movie, fireworks started going off over Heather and Colton to set the perfect mood. It only took one date, one beach, and some romantic fireworks for Colton to go ahead and strip Heather of her kissing virgin title! While Heather was still swooning after her return to the house, Elyse had nailed her break-up ready look and was ready to go break Colton’s heart.

Elyse marched straight to Colton’s suite and let him know what was up, and we can’t blame Colton for being surprised when he had such a strong connection with her in the first place. Her whole reason for leaving was basically that she couldn’t keep watching him have relationships with other women, and that she definitely couldn’t accept a proposal in a few week’s time. It kind of felt like she expected Colton to cut production right there and then and profess he only wanted to date her. When he didn’t, she left, and then cried that she might have made a really stupid decision. We may not be seeing the last of her though, as many Bachelor fans have been supporting an Elyse for Bachelorette campaign since episode one of this season! Following the rough night saying bye to Elyse, Colton had a group date in the jungle. The perfect way to clear his mind of all his worries that he’ll propose at the end of all this and get rejected, right? Wrong. The group date seemed to be a great time for him, making out with Tayshia and being fed a cheeseburger by Demi after scouring for food, but we all know that group dates usually go out with a bang. This time Onyeka was stirring the pot. She went to Colton and let him know that before Elyse left, she confided in her that Nicole had apparently said that she was only on the show to get out of Miami. You can imagine that Colton’s fragile heart couldn’t take it after already losing one person who wasn’t ready for marriage. Tayshia came to Nicole’s defense saying that she was part of the conversation and Nicole never said that, but unfortunately, Colton was not around. He stepped in and gave the night’s rose to Hannah B. for being open about feeling like she’s falling in love with him already, and then went on his not so merry way.

We FINALLY got a Cassie one-on-one, and if there was anything/anyone that was going to get Colton out of the dumps it was definitely Cassie! Now the date was absolutely just a montage of Cassie and Colton making out on a boat, on an island, in the water, at the dinner table and even in a bed for some reason that we don’t understand. HOW did they go from the dinner table to an unmade bed in a hotel room? Regardless, we were there for it! After all was said and done, Colton admitted in a confessional that his gut tells him to just go all in with Cassie—well we couldn’t agree more!

Colton definitely went into the cocktail party feeling more optimistic than he was at the beginning of the episode. We all sat back thinking the tension was over and that we had definitely missed another chance to see Colton jump over the fence, but Nicole and Onyeka were not done with their snitching to Colton contest. After some really good conversations with other women, Nicole sat down to clear the air about the rumors that Onyeka had spread about her and to fight fire with fire. She made it clear that she’s been feeling like Onyeka had been bullying and belittling her since she walked into the mansion on night one, and good guy Colton didn’t tolerate any of that. As always he got straight to the point and told Onyeka what Nicole had said, and that he didn’t know how to feel about all of it. Cue a good old fashioned confrontation, a confrontation so loud it interrupted his time with Katie. He came over to try to mediate what was happening between the two ladies and just became frustrated by the back and forth that didn’t even allow him to get a word in. The episode cut with Colton trying to get some time alone away from all the ladies, and becoming increasingly frustrated. This meant no rose ceremony, and no fence hopping, but I have a feeling we’ll be getting both on next week’s episode. Stay tuned!  

You can watch The Bachelor every Monday night at 8 pm on ABC.

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