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Why You Should Tune Into Vlogmas + Four Youtubers To Watch!

It’s the holiday season! You know what that means: hot chocolate, candles, decorating the tree, watching Elf at least three times and… Vlogmas! If you don’t spend multiple hours watching YouTube every day like me, and you’re not sure what Vlogmas is, let me explain. In the YouTube world, every December, Youtubers will vlog themselves or their lives for 25 days straight. Yes, every day till Christmas, they’ll post a vlog or sometimes a regular sit-down video to their channel. It’s 25 days of fun, festive content! 

I absolutely love Vlogmas! It’s something I look forward to every December because I love watching YouTube, and I love seeing how different people live their daily lives. It’s so interesting to see how people go about their day. I’ve been watching Vlogmas basically since it became a trend in maybe 2014/2015. I recommend you tune into Vlogmas as well! It’s a good way to get to know your favorite Youtubers, and just see how others are spending the holiday season. It’s like watching Christmas-themed reality TV! Now, how fun is that? To help you out, here are four channels I’ll be watching this December. This list has both big and small YouTubers, and is suited for your taste! To find a channel more suited for you, just type ‘Vlogmas 2020’ into the search bar! There are so many to pick and choose from!

1. Zoe Sugg

You could call her the queen of Vlogmas or the queen of YouTube really. But, Zoe Sugg, or more commonly known as Zoella, has the best most festive videos for Vlogmas. Her videos are so happy and fun. She’s all about beauty and fashion. She also bakes and decorates.  And it’s just all-around a good time on her channel! Her for those who want something more festive and secretly wish they were British. (Like me.) 

2. Lauryn Doan

Lauryn’s videos are for all the college girls who love all this Starbucks, Target and Pinterest! She’s very family-oriented and makes lots of helpful videos. She’s known for her productive day vlogs, so if you need some inspiration to get through exams she’s your girl! Other than that, she has such a chill vibe, so check out her channel!

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3. Lexijpoole

A smaller Youtuber whose content is much fun to watch. Her videos are so aesthetically pleasing (yes, I said it), and the most relaxing videos to watch. Not to mention, her personality is amazing! She’s really sweet and likes to be open and honest about things like mental health. Plus, she loves Harry Styles, and that alone is reason enough to watch her vlogs! 

4. Julia and Hunter

Now, this couple is for us older girls. If you love home decor, Southern living and fashion, their vlogs are for you! I love watching Julia and Hunter because they have such great style and taste in everything! But they’re also really funny and entertaining. And they have a dog named Goose whose cutest thing. You should definitely check their videos out for Vlogmas! 

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