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Why We Love Lush Cosmetics

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

My experience walking into Lush Cosmetics for the first time can only be equated to that of a kid in a candy store. After encountering endless Instagram pictures of brightly colored bathtubs titled #LushBathBomb *heart eyes emoji*”I had to see what all of the hype was about. While home in Tampa for spring break, I made a point to visit a store in International Mall and after spending more than an hour in the store talking to the extremely knowledgeable employees and smelling everything in sight, I left with a surplus of unique goodies, ready for a night of pampering.

Made only from fresh, natural ingredients, Lush Cosmetics is rapidly taking the beauty scene by storm. With products ranging from the ever so popular bath bombs to facial cleansers and solid shampoo to moisturizers, these eclectic and handmade toiletries are 100% vegetarian and minimally packaged from recyclable materials.  Lush has garnered a lot of attention for their strict policy regarding the testing of their products, taking a firm stance against animal testing by only utilizing human volunteers. As if the fragrant and refreshing products didn’t speak volumes by themselves, Lush’s ecologically friendly approach to beauty products definitely aids in keeping their customers coming back for more. 

One Lush product in particular that proves perfect for college women would be their solid shampoo bars. Although seemingly pricy for a college budget, ranging from $9-$12, the bars last around 80 washes and are specific to various types of hair. The idea of solid shampoo struck me as odd at first, but has proven to work just as fine, if not better than liquid shampoo. The lather produced is great, allowing you the option of rubbing the bar between your hands or simply rubbing the bar across your scalp. I’m currently using the “New!” shampoo bar that promotes new hair growth and scalp stimulation with a mouthwatering cinnamon and clove scent. If solid shampoo isn’t really your scene, Lush also carries a line of natural liquid shampoos created to restore and soften hair such as their “Big Shampoo” made with sea salt, lime juice and coconut oil. 

Having suffered from somewhat “problem” skin, Lush has definitely opened my eyes to the wonders of natural facial cleansers and toners. The ingredients used keep their products gentle, yet effective, and I’ve noticed a significant difference in the overall appearance of my skin. Having experimented with various facial products that they carry, my favorite is without a doubt their “Dark Angels” charcoal and black sugar cleanser. Leaving your face feeling smooth and refreshed, but not too dry, this product is perfect for oily prone skin. Packed tight in a little jar, the cleanser goes a long way and by breaking off a small piece and mixing it with water, a paste is created that works great to exfoliate and remove any dead skin. I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in breakouts since using this product, and my face has started looking brighter and smoother. In terms of facial toners, their “Tea Tree Water” has also proven to keep my skin looking clear and clean. The natural components help to reduce redness, rather than the harsh, drying components of toners containing alcohol. Perfect to spritz on after getting out of the shower, the mild scent is calming and refreshing, perfect for oily prone skin. 

Lush also carries natural deodorants, tooth tabs, makeup, and even products for men. With various scents and remedies covering all beauty areas, you’re sure to find something that works for you. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Lush Cosmetics and would definitely recommend them to any collegiette woman looking for a natural and soothing approach to beauty! Unfortunately, Lush has yet to establish a Tallahassee location, but I’ll be patiently waiting. In the mean time, check out Lush’s site here for more information. Happy pampering! 

Sarah Shellabarger is a senior at Florida State University, majoring in English - Editing, Writing, Media and minoring in Communications. This is her third semester as a HCFSU staff writer. When she's not drowning in assigned readings, Sarah enjoys attempting to get celebrities to follow her on Twitter, daily Dunkin Donuts trips, praising Stevie Nicks, and (unsuccesfully) begging her boyfriend to buy her a kitten. Sarah hopes to one day put her witty banter to good use by writing for a clever yet underappreciated TV show, and eventually becoming the next Tina Fey.    
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