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Why Reading Taylor Swift’s Tumblr Likes is My Favorite Pastime

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Taylor Swift has emerged from the dark and edgy era of her Reputation album into the soft, bright daylight that is her seventh studio album titled Lover. Along with the album’s release comes new merchandise, deluxe versions of albums, Taylor’s diary entries, signed CD booklets, a Stella McCartney fashion line and of course, millions of ecstatic fans around the world, ready to get their hands on new music.

Taylor has long been known for her close and loving relationship with her fans. She likes sending them special merchandise, DM’ing them on twitter, liking their Tumblr posts and even hosting “Secret Sessions” where lucky select fans get to hear an album before its release. Taylor goes above and beyond for those who love her and her music.

As a huge Taylor fan myself, I have not been invited to a Secret Session or been noticed by Swift in any way, so naturally, I did the next best thing, stalking her on Tumblr.

For being one of the world’s biggest stars Taylor still manages to maintain some privacy even without cutting off communication with her fanbase. For a while, Tumblr has been Swift’s main channel of relaying information to her fans. Taylor just liking someone’s photo can make their day. It can also act as a way of Taylor confirming speculations about certain song meanings or reveal Easter eggs we didn’t notice.

Here are some of my favorite of her likes:

Courtesy: Tumblr.com​

Track Four of the new album is titled “The Man.” In this song, Taylor speculates what her life would be like if she were a man. She talks about how the media and music industry would treat her differently and focus less on whether or not she deserves what she has, what she was wearing, or who she is dating.


Courtesy: Tumblr

This post is about finding an Easter Egg! Well, in this case, a whole music video of Easter Eggs. The music video for the title track “Lover” involved Taylor and her boyfriend, played by one of her backup dancers, enjoying each other’s company in seven differently colored rooms. I was shocked to come across this post that Taylor liked, confirming that each room symbolizes a different album!


Courtesy: Tumblr

Just another fun Easter Egg. Track Eight is titled “Paper Rings”. This is clearly a reference to it in her “ME!” lyric video which was released as a single before the album debuted. Sing it with me people, “ I LIKE SHINY THINGS BUT I’D MARRY YOU WITH PAPER RINGS UH UH.” Let’s face it, Taylor Swift fans are basically the FBI. 


Courtesy: Tumblr

Many critics and fans are saying this is the album of Taylor’s career. Which on the one hand is amazing! But does that mean we won’t ever experience the joy of a new Taylor Swift album again? That would be heartbreaking. That’s where this post comes in. “…creatively she’s just getting started.” Taylor liked this. So technically she agrees with that statement. This means she has way more to art to share with us and I am so here for it.

With that being said, go stream Lover!

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