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Growing up, I have always been a dog person. There is nothing better than having a furry friend around to keep you company and cuddle up with after a long day. The amount of people that have given a loving home to a dog over quarantine is beyond belief. In fact, there has been a new term created to describe the type of dog that one has taken in throughout the past nine months. Those who have a “Quarantine Puppy” know that their fur baby will follow them everywhere and are attached at the hip. I was one of the lucky individuals to welcome a Cavapoo puppy into my family. With that being said, meet my best friend Izzy.

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Izzy is a five-month-old female Cavapoo puppy with a heart made of pure gold. She is a golden teddy bear full of energy, kisses and cuddles. The amount of happiness she has brought into my life since I got her is unreal. As any animal lover knows, they are there for you when you’re down and know how to put the biggest smile on your face. Izzy is a true Quarantine Puppy as she follows me into EVERY room. I would 100 percent recommend getting a dog if you have the time for them for several reasons:

1. They reduce stress

Izzy has played an essential role in reducing the amount of stress in my life. She helped me adjust to the school year and cheer me up when I was overwhelmed with work. Taking a 10 minute break in-between class or assignment to hug her and play with her made all the difference.

2. Help you have more social interaction

The number of times I have been stopped when I’m with Izzy is insane. Even if it’s a simple hello as I passed by someone on a walk or stopping to have a conversation with a fellow dog lover, there is constant social interaction when I’m with her. It is a good opportunity to meet new people that you have something in common with.

3. Increase happiness

If you haven’t gotten the hint already, this is a given. As much of a handful they are as puppies, they always give you a reason to smile. Those puppy eyes will melt your heart. Personally, there is nothing better than when I come home, and Izzy is wagging her tail overly excited to see me. It’s the little things with her that make me the happiest.

4. Good for your health

Getting outside and allowing yourself to get fresh air is a must. Dogs need to be walked multiple times a day. This is not only beneficial for the dog but is beneficial for the owner’s health as well.

5. Decrease loneliness

I can attest to this! Not only are they our best friends but we are theirs. They are happiest when they are around us and that happiness is extremely contagious. When I say you won’t be lonely again…I mean it. They will even follow you into the bathroom!

If I haven’t convinced you to get a dog yet, I don’t know what will. Visit your local animal shelter and think about adopting! A diamond isn’t a girl’s best friend, a dog is.

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Jamie is a Political Science major who aspires to become an attorney. In her free time, she enjoys writing, politics, sports, and playing with her puppy.
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