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Why Every Woman Needs to Watch He Named Me Malala

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

In America, more now than ever before, women are joining together to fight for their basic human rights. Over the last century and more, women have fought hard for the right to vote, the right to hold a job outside of the home as well as the right to educate themselves. As a young woman who has grown up in the United States, I think it is easy to sometimes forget that women did not always have these rights and while we are still fighting for reproductive rights and equality in the workplace, we have come a long way. It is by women standing together for what is right that we have come this far and for that, we are blessed. The United States is unlike many countries today who still treat women as lesser and do not allow women the opportunities given to the opposing gender. Recently, a story has been brought to my attention. This story is about a Pakistani woman who has fought hard for women’s education despite all the odds against her. As a proud feminist, I was amazed by this story and truly encourage every woman to be empowered by watching the spectacular film, He Named Me Malala.

Courtesy of Smart Girls Group


The documentary film, He Named Me Malala, is based on a true story about a young Pakistani woman named Malala Yousafzai, who has spent her whole life fighting for female activism, especially when it comes to education. The film touches on her earlier life, including the time she was hunted and shot by a Taliban member during their violent opposition to girl’s education in Pakistan. Her perseverance and strength have led her to continue her fight in the country that she calls home. Improving global education for women is her goal through her organization the Malala Fund. By watching this film, I truly believe you will be humbled to remember that not all women have the rights we do and we need to continue supporting them until they have the same chance.  

Courtesy of Kappa Kappa Gamma


If you are interested in watching the film or want to learn more about the Malala fund, there is an upcoming opportunity on FSU’s campus. Kappa Kappa Gamma is hosting a movie viewing of He Named Me Malala at their house on March 23rd at 7:30 pm as well as a second show time at 9 pm. Tickets are $3 and can be purchased previously via Tilt or at the door. All proceeds from the event will go towards both the Malala Fund as well as another educational philanthropy Reading is Fundamental.

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