Why 'Book of the Month' is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

You’ve heard of "wine of the month" and "makeup of the month" clubs, but the newest must-have is Book of the Month. Book of the Month is a website and subscription service dedicated to book lovers everywhere. Each month, you can get a book of your choosing delivered to your doorstep. Priced at $15, it may seem a little steep for college kids on a budget. But when you think about it, a brand new hardback book costs anywhere from $25 and up. With Book of the Month, you save at least $10 for something equally as good - if not better - than in the store, and it’s delivered to your door.

Book of the Month offers a variety of genres for all kinds of people. Once you sign up, you get to choose from five hand-selected books ranging from horror to literary fiction and everything in between. With the five options comes expert reviews, overviews and ratings from other Book of the Month subscribers. The books are released on the first day of each month and subscribers may choose whichever they like best from then until the end of the month. Subscribers, if they choose to do so, may add more than one book to their box for an additional fee. All books from past months remain available in the other book selections, so if you miss out on one month you can still claim a book from that time period.

The books offered not only vary in genres, but also in authors as well. Some are written by authors unknown to the public eye and some by authors that are very popular like Liane Moriarty, the author of Big Little Lies, and sometimes there are repeat authors from previous months. Every month is a pleasant surprise of five unique novels that appeal to all tastes no matter the specificity.

After you’ve made your selections on the website, they are added to “your box,” a link you can click on to see what items will be shipped. After approving your box, it will be shipped to your selected address within the next few days. Each book box comes with the book of your choice and a bookmark with a personal inscription from the employee who chose that book for the month’s selection and why they loved it so much. With the holidays coming up just around the corner, Book of the Month can be the perfect gift to a bookworm, someone who’s been interested in reading or even just as a treat for yourself!

For more information on becoming a subscriber or just some insight on some really amazing books, you can check out the Book of the Month website or visit their Instagram to see what awesome stuff they have to offer and for really cute pictures!

All images courtesy of Book of the Month.