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Why All College Kids Should Download the New Houseparty App

Being away at college can be tough. There are friends, family, classes, clubs and other groups to keep track of and stay connected with. All of this piles up into what seems like a million group chats that ineffectively send us notification after notification. Luckily, this problem has been solved with the new app Houseparty!

Houseparty is like a FaceTime for groups, allowing you to video chat with up to seven people at a time. It has a simple layout, making it super easy to use. You can add friends directly from your contacts and tapping the hand emoji next to their name will let them know you’re ready to talk.

Courtesy: Alex Absten


Houseparty is great for those nights when you’re scrambling to make plans with your friends, and you’re all sending texts to the group chat at once and nothing gets accomplished. With Houseparty, you can all video chat and make a definitive plan! Houseparty is also a great app for if you’re someone (like me) who has a large family. With your parents back at home and your siblings in other states, it’s a great way to get in that weekly call to mom and keep up with your sisters all at once, instead of having to call each person one by one.

Courtesy: Alex Absten


Overall, Houseparty is a handy app to have. Whether it’s for friends, family or other groups, it’s a great way to stay connected through (almost) face-to-face interaction that many other apps don’t allow. Head over to the App Store or Google Play and download it today! 

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