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My Top Three Favorite Female Authors Right Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

This year for Women’s History Month, I’ve taken time to think about all the women-created things I love. Most of my top artists (musical and otherwise), celebrities and authors are incredibly talented people who happen to be assigned female at birth (AFAB). When thinking of what this month means to me, I wanted to share some of my favorite female authors with you. As someone who reads a lot (and I mean a lot) of books every year, I find myself holding onto these women who have changed my life through their writing. I hope to introduce you to your new favorite author and give you a chance to celebrate women year-long! So, in no particular order, I present to you my most cherished list of authors!

1. r.f. Kuang

Starting off strong, I’d like to share with you a woman who changed my life through her stand-alone novel Babel and her trilogy The Poppy War. R.F. Kuang is a Chinese-American fantasy writer who truly has changed what “fantasy writing” means for the modern age. Not only is she a highly successful woman at the young age of 26, but her writing is an artistic masterpiece. Kuang offers characters that will rival your previous favorites, all while leaving you with commentary on pressing societal problems. If you are interested in more about R.F. Kuang you can find her page here.

2. Audre lorde

Audre Lorde has my heart for her poem “A Woman Speaks.” Lorde was not just a female poet, but is also known for her amazing work that confronted racism, sexism and homophobia. I was first introduced to Lorde in a college class on rhetoric while reading one of her academic texts and immediately fell in love. What I could not find in other texts, I found in hers. Lorde is a lifelong hero when it comes to the fight for equality and her poetry reflects her experiences as a Black woman and lesbian beautifully. I will never stop recommending Lorde’s work to others and I feel that everyone should be able to read some of her poems at one point or another.

1. ursula k. le Guin

Growing up, I had an addiction to science fiction and fantasy (clearly that has not changed) and would constantly be reading things like Dune or Ringworld. I’m actually very sorry to say I did not find the lovely Ursula K. Le Guin until college when I read one of her short stories. Since then, I have named Le Guin my favorite science fiction author ever. I adore her series, Earthsea and would give anything to be able to read it again for the first time. Le Guin has won multiple prestigious Hugo and Nebula Awards and made history doing so by becoming the first woman ever to win them. Le Guin is, in my opinion, a true master of world-building and I would credit her as one of the most important figures in the genre. I truly love her stories and would highly recommend her to anyone who loves this genre!

Alongside the women I already mentioned, I would also like to highlight the following female authors: bell hooks, Margaret Atwood, Roxane Gay, Holly Black, Agatha Christie, Sylvia Plath, Sarah J. Mass, Jan Brett and Octavia E. Butler. While there are many other women in literature whom I love but have not gotten to highlight, I hope everyone can walk away from this short list with a potential new author to look into. I encourage you to take this appreciation for our women in fine arts and carry it with you year-round!

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