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COVID-19 has done some pretty nasty things this year, and I’m just as ready for it to leave as the next person. But all of this social distancing and being in quarantine has made me wonder: who would I hang out with if I were on a TV show?  Would it be those six twenty-somethings in New York City? Or would I be surfing the coast of the Outer Banks making eyes at some guy with a lawnmower? As I sat and pondered this pressing thought, an epiphany struck. I would definitely be “hanging out down the street”, doing the “same old thing I did last week.” (I’m sorry, you know I had to!) “That ‘70s Show” is a legendary show, with characters that relate to high schoolers and college kids almost too well. To take things a step further because I’m an overthinker, I wondered who would be my bestie on the show. Would you like to know the same? Keep reading to find out who you might kick it the best with on “That ‘70s Show”!

I think it’s only right to start out with the man who has the basement, Eric Forman. Eric Forman is what some might consider the main character of “That ‘70s Show”.  In the first couple of seasons, Eric is a rule follower but easily talked into some trouble by his friends. He’s hesitant at first, but by the end of the group’s adventure, he always has a good time. Eric’s trademark given to him by his hothead of a father Red is that he is a smart mouth. If you have any appreciation for sarcasm and snide comments, Eric is your guy. Eric’s quirkiness and love for Star Wars are oddly charming and give his friends awesome opportunities to make fun of him. Someone with an adventurous spirit would be perfect for Eric. He needs a friend to bring him out of his shell and you’ll have someone to keep you grounded, all the while having a blast!

Donna Pinciotti is one of the coolest chicks to ever grace the television screen. Tough, independent but also a girly girl and a sucker for romance sums up Donna to a tee. Donna will not take anyone’s crap, keeping the group in line when someone is doing something beyond stupid. Don’t get me wrong; Donna has her fair share of mischief. She is always down for a trip to the water tower or sitting in the circle with the guys (if you don’t know about the circle, look it up!). Donna gets the most joy out of laughing at what other people are doing. I would say that Donna is somewhat of a wallflower but in the best possible way. Someone with a big personality, lighthearted but with a little sass would get along great with Donna, offsetting her quiet and happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Of course, we cannot skip the most psychedelic, cool as a cucumber, curly-haired rocker there is, Steven Hyde. Steven, who goes by Hyde, is all about beating the system and sticking it to the man. When he’s not busy with those things, Hyde is sitting in Forman’s basement picking fun at his friends, most likely Kelso and sharing conspiracies about Big Brother. Hyde’s hard and cold exterior can be matched with his teddy bear of a heart. Even though Hyde has a rough family life, he is willing to do anything for the people he loves. Taking the blame for the stupid things his friends do is a recurring theme in the show. If you have a love for rock and roll and a desire for a loyal friend, Hyde is for sure your bestie.

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On the complete opposite end of the friend group, we have a character who is known as the King of Stupid, Michael Kelso. Kelso is unmatched in the number of pranks and impossible situations you can get in in one day. While Kelso makes his fair share of mistakes, his loud and childlike personality makes it hard for you to stay mad at him for long. Kelso is always good to have around for a laugh and if you have a free spirit who just wants to have a good time, you and Kelso would probably get into a lot of fun and mischievous situations together!

One simply cannot ignore this next character. She wouldn’t let you! Jackie Burkhart is one of the bossiest people you would ever meet, and she is darn proud of that! Jackie loves having things her way, and her friends love to make sure that doesn’t happen very often. But Jackie is ok with it, as long as the attention is on her! While Jackie doesn’t seem very fun to hang out with, she has a sensitive and attentive side to her that makes having a friendship with her worthwhile. When she does something for her friends, she goes all out. So you could say as spoiled as she is, she loves spoiling her friends even more ( though she would never admit it). If you are the kind of person who knows how to handle sass, are slow to anger and appreciates loyalty you might get along better with Jackie than you think.

And last but not least, Fez. Need I say more? Fez is the foreign exchange student who the guys of the group stumble upon and save from being bullied by the football team. Little did they know, they would become friends with a disco loving, candy eating woman lover who will never fail to surprise you. Fez is somewhat woke as he observes American culture through the eyes of someone from a different country, poking fun at American customs in a way that makes you laugh but also think at the same time. If you are someone who goes with the flow, has a love for outfit ensembles (especially leisure suits) and is always looking for a date, you and Fez would most likely have some pretty great times together.

In my many years of watching this show, I have cherished its humor and the way it makes me feel like I’m not alone. It will be hard to say goodbye as it is going off of Netflix, but these six crazy kids are the friends I never had. If you ever happen to turn on the cable, I highly suggest you take it back to the ‘70s and see what all the fuss is about. 

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