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Where You Should Study at FSU Based on Your Coffee Order

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

With midterm season quickly approaching, Strozier Library is getting busier by the day. It can be difficult to find a quiet and comfortable place to study, and a lot of people aren’t even sure where to look. If you find yourself constantly struggling to find a study spot, don’t worry. I’ve curated a list that not only aligns with your academic needs but your taste buds as well. Here’s where I think you should be studying on campus based on your favorite coffee order! 

Black coffee: wjb

Let’s start with the basics: a classic black coffee. If your go-to order is a hot black coffee, your study spot is the William Johnston Building/ACE. Black coffee drinkers tend to keep things straightforward. You’re the type to always get your homework done early and are partial to study spaces that help you focus solely on your work without any distractions. WJB is the perfect place for that.

WJB is known for housing popular tutoring centers like ACE. It’s a great place to reserve a study room, and the quiet atmosphere is very academically driven. Much like your preferred bold and unsweetened brew, you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take nonsense. You need an environment dedicated to academic excellence. Not only are there fewer people around the area, but the tutors are nice and can be especially helpful if you ever find yourself needing help with your work. Next time you find yourself searching for a study spot with your black coffee in hand, try out WJB and see what you think! 

cold brew: dirac

If your coffee order is a cold brew, your study spot is the Dirac Science Library. True fans of cold brew know that no matter the weather, nothing will prevent them from ordering their favorite iced drink. You’re the type to remain true to your tastes even in the middle of winter. You’re seen as assertive and stuck in your ways, and you need a study space that echoes your resolute demeanor.

Dirac has a serene yet studious atmosphere, and it compliments your assertive nature. It can be viewed almost as a younger sibling to Strozier Library, yet it’s far more unacknowledged. The privacy within Dirac makes the space feel almost secretive, perfect for those wanting to study without distraction. Dirac has a sense of confidence less profound than Strozier; it allows your assertive nature to shine through without the presence of constant activity. The next time you want your cold brew, get it at Starbucks in Dirac and see how you enjoy studying there!

latte: the student union

If your go-to coffee order is a latte, your study place is the Student Union. Latte lovers appreciate going with the flow. They’re enjoyable companions and easy to hang out with. Your ideal study space is one in which you are free to get work done and socialize without switching locations. You are well suited to a collaborative study environment, and the Student Union provides an ideal setting for those interactions.

The Union is a lively place where students tend to go to grab a bite to eat, visit the FSU bookstore, or chat with friends. Its large windows and vibrant atmosphere also make it an enjoyable place to study. As someone whose everyday coffee order is a latte, you’re the type to prefer studying in a group setting. You like an open yet comfortable environment with friends to grind out your homework and discuss the events of your day. When you feel yourself craving your next coffee, go get it at Starbucks in the Student Union to prepare you for your study sesh! 

dirty chai: dodd hall

If you’re like me and constantly crave a good dirty chai, your study place is Dodd Hall. Chai lovers are never at peace; they’re constantly looking for ways to romanticize life or spice up their daily tasks in some way. I can say without a doubt if your go-to coffee order is a chai latte, there’s no better place to romanticize studying with your drink in hand than Dodd Hall. 

With the ambiance of its dark academia-style gothic architecture, Dodd Hall is a unique environment on campus for studying. The Heritage Museum within the building is a particularly beautiful place to do work. Adorned with stained glass windows and vintage-style lamps, it creates a serene atmosphere that is not only perfect for studying but also makes one feel as if they’ve been transported to a different period in time. If you love your dirty chai, you’re highly idealistic and inspiring, and it’s time to enjoy your brew within the walls of Dodd Hall for your next study session. 

macchiato: calvin’s coffeehouse

If your go-to coffee order is a macchiato, your study spot is Calvin’s Coffeehouse. Macchiato drinkers prefer to keep things simple. You’re the type that can come across as more reserved and traditional to those around you, but really you just like to stick to something good when you find it. The same attitude can be applied to Calvin’s Coffeehouse.

Calvin’s is one of my favorite hidden gems on campus; it’s a quaint and welcoming space to enjoy coffee or study in a cozy and welcoming way. It’s dimly lit and decorated with a touch of eclectic charm, and it creates a personal space you might not experience at other coffee shops on campus. Macchiato drinkers are viewed as people who give good advice. You’re serious and down-to-earth. You need a study environment where you can successfully focus on your work and feel genuinely connected to your surroundings. Go try out your next macchiato at Calvin’s, and I think you’ll find it solidly aligns with your studying and taste preferences. 

Frappe/Frappuccino: The sweet shop

If you are partial to a frappe or frappuccino, the Sweet Shop Café & Lounge is your study spot. Icy drink lovers tend to be peppy and spontaneous. You’re down to take risks, and you love to try new things. You need a study space that’s just as optimistic as you are, and the Sweet Shop fits the bill perfectly.

The vibrant atmosphere at the sweet shop is as refreshing as the coffee it serves. The lighting is warm and the décor is colorful. It’s a space where your love of new things will be celebrated. One of the best things about this spot is that it isn’t exclusive to buying customers, so you’re able to use it as a study space without the pressure of having to make a purchase. However, I find the unique coffee flavors and pastries offered too tempting to stay away from. The next time you’re feeling especially adventurous, head over for a study session and a new frappe order you’ll relish in.

Trying a new spot with your favorite drink in hand will hopefully add some excitement to midterm season! 

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Reghan is a Staff Writer for Her Campus at Florida State University. She is a current sophomore at FSU majoring in Marketing with a minor in English and is on a Pre-Law track. Beyond Her Campus, Reghan is a member of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law fraternity at Florida State, Relay For Life, and Women In Pre-law Society. She also writes for DWF Magazine. Over the summer she interned at the law firm Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP. In her free time, Reghan loves reading, writing, drawing, and spending time with her two dogs, Marty and Lexi.