Where to Spend Your Weekends in Tally

Tallahassee is usually known for two things: FSU and its party spots. While often times people diminish Tally to just one big raging frat party (which is sometimes true), there are so many other ways to spend your weekend than partying! Don’t get me wrong, an occasional party here and there is normal for a college student, but if you’re looking for new places to hang out then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of places to spend your weekends that don’t have either A) a DJ booth, B) a smoke machine or C) grimy college guys hitting on you nonstop.

1. The FSU Rez

Courtesy: Visit Tallahassee


What kind of list would this be if I didn’t include the FSU Rez? This Reservation has an endless amount of outdoor activities that can help you forget about all the stresses of being a college student. Everything from kayaking to paddle boarding to the rope course is completely free for students with a valid FSU I.D.! Let me repeat that in case you weren’t paying attention: it's all free! Even your entry is free and it’s only a quarter of a mile away from campus, so you really don’t have any excuse to not check out this cute escape from reality. 

2. Check out live music

Courtesy: Yelp


Tallahassee has a great local music scene that is far too underrated! Places like The Wilbury, The Moon and the Bradforville Blues Club all host local musicians as well as traveling artists. All of these clubs either sell tickets for cheap or offer free admission and there’s seriously nothing better than free music. Sure, music at the club can be good if you catch the right DJ on the right night in the right bar, but you really cannot go wrong with some free live music from talented performers.

3. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens

Courtesy: Florida State Parks


Nothing nurtures the soul more than shutting off your laptop, abandoning your cubicle at Stroz/Dirac and enjoying some good old fresh air in the comfort of a gorgeous park. If you’re in need of an escape from the everyday routine of the FSU student, then this place is a must! At first glance, these botanical gardens don’t even look like they belong in Tallahassee. Lucky enough for us, they do and they’re only 15 minutes away from campus. With an entry fee of only $6 per vehicle, I’d suggest grabbing your girl gang and a camera to get that perfect photo shoot ASAP.

4. Change the scenery to a coffee shop

Courtesy: Serenity Coffee and Kava


It’s 2019 and it’s about time local businesses got the love and appreciation they deserve, especially coffee shops! If you’re looking to get away from campus and its overcrowded, stuffy libraries then I’d suggest heading to one of Tally’s many local coffee shops. Everywhere from Catalina to Black Dog to All Saints offer a great environment for getting work done while also offering insanely good coffees and teas. Next time you’re thinking about spending the weekend camping out in the library drinking overpriced, mediocre Starbucks, consider trying out a local Tally coffee shop. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!