What Your Regular Coffee Shop Order Says About You

Ah…coffee. As college students, it runs through most of our veins. It gives us energy at the start of our busy days and perks us right back up after a draining lecture. One of my favorite things about being a barista is getting to know my regular customers and oftentimes I notice that their regular orders can reveal a lot about their personalities. And with so many different drink options out there, it makes sense that your “usual” is more than just liquid caffeine: it’s liquid inner truth. Read on to find out your espresso-scope.

Courtesy: Time Magazine

Black Coffee: Either you’re a grad student or you always have some huge assignment you need to be working on. Probably both. You don’t have time to think about cream or sugar when you’re too busy checking your paper for rogue Oxford commas (curse you, AP Format).

Red Eye: One day you were drinking a black coffee and you stopped and thought to yourself: what if this, but more caffeine? You don’t fear death or God. I’m scared of you.

Latte: You tried drinking black coffee for a while, but you couldn’t fully commit. There’s something about that ~whisper~ of espresso in a latte that’s just so comforting. You consider yourself to be a kind and empathetic person for the most part, but those who are close to you know very well not to push your buttons.

Flavored Latte: You’re bubbly and fun to be around. You started off drinking Vanilla Bean Frappuccino’s from Starbucks when you were in high school and now you’ve upgraded to a “real” drink because you were sick of your friends making fun of you for drinking Fraps. But hey, who could blame you? They’re tasty.

Iced Coffee (in warm weather): You can be a people-pleaser sometimes, but you always make sure to put your priorities first. A universal, classic summer refreshment for a universal, classic person.

Iced Coffee (in cold weather): Hey. Are you okay? I’m here if you wanna talk it out.

Courtesy: Refinery29

Espresso: You’re that person at a party that’s still taking shots after the first obligatory “arrived-at-the-party” shot, but you never get too out of control. You’re just a little bit crazy, but you know how to rein it in when you need to.

Macchiato: You’re terrible with money, because honestly, what’s the point? Macchiatos have such a negligible amount of milk. You’re paying almost a dollar more when you could’ve just gotten the same result from adding a splash of cream FOR FREE. Get your wallet in check, bro.

Cappuccino: You come off as super classy and you probably have your life together (or you’re just really good at faking it). We’re all jealous. But yay for you!

Chai: You like chai’s because it’s sort of a happy medium between tea and coffee, so you can still connect with your Zen side while getting the caffeine you need to power you through the rest of your day. Sure, it’ll wear off by 3 pm, but at least it’ll last you through your figure drawing class.

London Fog: You probably either studied abroad in Europe or you really, really want to. You’re not really a coffee person, but everyone else is always talking about drinking coffee and you feel kinda left out. London Fogs look like lattes, so that has to count for something…right?

Tea or Hot Chocolate: Your patience and generosity know no bounds. Your favorite holiday movie is probably Love Actually. You always tip 20% at restaurants even if the service was absolutely awful because you know they work hard and that their job is really stressful. You’re marriage material.

Courtesy: Starbucks on Twitter

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