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What We’re Obsessing Over: Winter Favorites

The Executive Team at Her Campus FSU is happy to be back in the swing of things for another great semester here at Florida State. Not only do we want to introduce our new team to y’all, we also want give a chance to share a little bit about ourselves. So, we gathered up some things that we have been absolutely loving over the past month to share!

Without further ado, here is our “What We’re Obsessing Over”: Winter Favorites Edition.


Felicity Warner: Managing Editor

Her Faves: “Right now, I’m obsessing over my Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle since I got back from Winter Break. I don’t care how far we are in to January, I still want my apartment to smell like freshly baked sugar cookies every time I walk in. Lighting this candle makes me feel like I’m right back at home, laying on my couch and binge watching Netflix with no worries in the world.

“I’m also really digging the slip-on shoe trend, specifically the rose gold Steve Madden slip-ons. They’re perfect for the famous fluctuating temperatures in Tallahassee, from 40 degrees in the morning to 80 degrees in the afternoon. They’re extremely easy to style, and give a little shine to any outfit.”

Photos Courtesy of: Pinterest and Trevek


Taylor Zollo: Social Media Editor

Her Faves: “This winter I am loving Ecinacea teabags from Publix. It’s really good for your immune system, so whenever I feel like I’m about to get sick I drink a cup and feel so much better. Also, it really helps keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

“I’m also loving colorful jackets. I rarely wear color, but I’m obsessed with this jacket and am about to order it. Right now, it’s on sale at Forever21 for around $20. I’m so happy we’re having a cold front, I can’t wait to wear it!”

Photos Courtesy of: iherb.com & Forever21



Sara Gomez: Graphic Design Editor

This Season there are three things that are getting her through these winter dayz.

  1. BOOK: My Bucket List by Axel & Ash
  2. BOOTS: $20 from H&M (um, holy cute)
  3. Blessed Yogi Coloring Book


Photo Courtesy of: Amazon


Rachel Dix-Kessler: Public Relations and Event Planning Director

“Here’s what I’m obsessing over this winter:

  1. Oscar Wilde’s The Ballad of Reading Gaol
  2. Mary Kay Lip Liner
  3. TRX Home Gym
  4. Black Dog Cafe’s Almond Milk Latte”


Photo Courtesy of: Rachel Dix-Kessler




Photo Courtesy of: Rachel Dix-Kessler



Samantha Buxbaum: Public Relations and Event Planning Director

There are a couple of things that I have been excited over throughout the winter months. My newest and most favorite obsession is a brand of chocolate from Lucky’s Market. The particular flavor I’m infatuated with is the Coconut Black Lava Sea Salt Milk Chocolate.

Photos Courtesy of: Samantha Buxbaum

There is another item from Lucky’s that I have been fond of and that is their Mint Green Tea. In my opinion, the combination of the two makes for a perfect winter night dessert!

My final tried and true favorite that is a standard throughout every winter for the past couple of years now are the J.Crew Authentic Camp Socks. They are so thick and cozy, yet my feet don’t become too hot even when the whacky Tallahassee temperature gradually becomes warmer throughout the day.


Courtesy of: Pinterest


Samantha is an Editing, Writing and Media major. She loves a good cup of coffee, a ruby red lip, roadtripping, and being a downright goof. She dreams to travel the world someday and write about all her adventures. But for now, she just really hopes she can just keep balancing everything at once.
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